Warlocks are getting ripped off compared to Hunters



Uh no. We also need greater demon customization. Because fun is important too. Not just spec design.

Plus what you’re suggesting we’ve been telling the devs to do since the start of alpha and they’ve implemented everything (EVEN FELGUARD HAVING AN INTERRUPT IN SHADOWLANDS sorta) except that, so it’s evident they don’t want to do that.

We are sorta getting this. Stun Immune targets get interrupted in Shadowlands.

Indeed your opinion

Also your opinion

Not true throughout this expansion.


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Just wanting to continue support for more demons. Not more power, just more skins. Thank Blizz ahead of time. I know you got our backs this time around.


As someone who used to play hunter quite a bit, these cosmetic changes have no pull in making me want to play one again.

With that said, I REALLY like the Warlock class changes, especially with Affliction—one of my favorite specs.

I’m so excited for hunter changes and I agree that warlocks should also have access to more demons (and maybe even customize demons?)

Don’t get the salty hunters. More choice equals more fun!

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I agree. It’s not even the same play style we want… just more options which doesn’t affect the gameplay one bit.

I agree. Let warlocks summon a demon hunter.

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That’s basically what they did to warlocks.

There is nothing that I have read or seen to entice me to come back. Yes my opinion, but locks appear to be in some weird spreadsheet maintenance mode that is effective while being as boring as possible.

i am wondering when we will get to have 2 pets out…blueberry needs company… thinking s&M sally

So… What’s wrong with warlocks summon cosmetically different demons?

Sorry but warlocks are more along the lines of a slaver so they should very well have the ability to enslave all demons permanently, with minor exceptions aka dreadlords.

To be fair, that doesn’t mean Hunters get to use the pets they want either. They’re forced to use the pets with the abilities they desire(like warlocks). Instead of the pet they want specced the way they need, as it was in the past.

I’m all for more pet choices for warlocks, and a basic talent system for hunter pets. Or for both.

I think now is as good a time as any to push for more customization and choice. With any and all classes.


I’m kinda glad I’m a “casual” when it comes to being a furry.

I won’t be satisfied until we can enslave demon hunters.

Which the more you think about it the more obvious it is this should exist


It drives me insane that people think we want to be like hunters… it’s stupid. Literally just asking for more skin options. It changes the play style in zero ways.


In an era of en masse customization, #WarlockStables now

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You know that everytime they don’t want or don’t know how to fix hunter’s abilities problems they gave us new and cool pets right?

This isn’t about gameplay.

I understood the post, you want more diversity with different kinds of warlock pets (pit lords, juggernaughts, Imonar-like demons) and I think it’s fair. My point is that hunter’s are just getting skin pets (and maybe we wouldn’t even use these because the family choice is very relevant now, which is bad design imo).

I wish warlocks and dks could “store” the creature they control with that domination skill to use for a day or until it dies. I’m cool with warlock “stables” but people would complain that one class is being to similar to another just for the sake of it.

Imagine a gnome warlock walking with a Jaraxxus pet :thinking:

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Canonically our default demons are bound to us via us knowing their “True Name” and subjugating them and/or convincing them to sign otherwise (Felhunter, which is dog-like even in behavior, is “tamed”, whereas Succubus we convinced via offering her 3 hearts of good men back in the day, whereas the Voidwalker in the new leveling experience in Shadowlands is gained via a quest where we finish a ritual using a grimoire and summon a Voidwalker from the Void while the Void portal shoots at us).

It’d be fun :smiley: