Warlocks are getting ripped off compared to Hunters

“I have a way to summon other players?!”
-a warlock during a Mists raid I encountered, true story

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I felt like a stern but fair Warlock trainer npc with all the babby warlocks. lol


One of my friends decided to use my exact keybinds and he got carpal tunnel within a month smh

(he played shaman and mage)

Makes me nostalgic for watching DoT timers in Affliction. Many buttons to push but it was such a rush when it all worked and you got to do the BIG DAMAGE when the boss was low health

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side note: rewrote the first post and added a lot of justifications to my threads, with in-game lore examples

100% part of my increasingly bad eyesight is due to playing warlock and DoT timers lol

They don’t even want us playing one of our three specs, and it’s been that way for years. Whether it’s the damage output or the ridiculously silly nature of the gameplay, Demonology has become the biggest joke in the game; I don’t know why anyone would be shocked that they’re not giving the other two-thirds of the class any love.

At least we’re always near the top of the meters, whether we’re playing our wanna-be Fire Mage or half-assed version of Shadow Priest.


It’s really no different from the other 3 pure dps specs. Arcane, survival, and outlaw for legion/subtlety for bfa. Blizz just opts to giving 2 good options and then moves on to other things.

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Seriously how I feel when hunters get more pets that have their own little abilities and I can’t get a freaking new skin for my demons


Legion had so much potential to add many new demon species for Warlock summons. Potential that was tossed aside for continued re-use of old models.


Hunters don’t get sexy pets. It’s a fair trade.

Remember when we could have an INFERNAL adventure alongside us in the open world? Pepperidge Farm remembers.


looks at his ghoul

I mean…k
We don’t even get different types of pets.

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I still agree.

It’s really kind of sad.

Lost abilities to DH.

No real pet customization without dropping money for a glyph or getting lucky with a drop.

It’s sad.

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hides death coil

One day you’re top edgelord, and then the next day two new guys are telling you to “suffer well” and asking what you’ve sacrificed. Is it everything? Because if it’s not, it will never be good enough.

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Are you salty about unholy’s zombie glyphs?
Blizzard has succeeded in getting the base distracted by transmogs and skins insof skill homogenization and poop class mechanics.

Being unable to tame Vulpera, Worgen, and Draeni is just a lack of creativity on your end if we’re honest :stuck_out_tongue:

Jk jk, I’m already cringing at the furry thread today in GD

100% feel this was on the table but they didn’t cuz Demon Hunters

And we support yall if yall were to ask for some sort of Ghoul Frankenstein Lab to customize your minion(s) or whatever

Could have softened the loss of metamorphosis.

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Right? It’s not like warlocks were the other original pet class or anything.

Demo doesn’t need more demons to control, it needs access to the demons it has. Demo is the only lock spec with zero flexibility regarding pet swaps.

At the very least the felguard need pummel.

It’s also, imo, the best designed rotation and most fun to play and is the only spec with real AoE potential. Unfortunately it’s also immobile and had garbage single target.

It’s not like the spec couldn’t be fixed easily either and never was.

I will do it right now:
Felguard has pummel
From the Shadows changed to improved shadowbolt, shadow bolt crits increase next shadow bolt damage by 20%.