Warlocks are getting ripped off compared to Hunters

I wouldn’t have to kill them.

I control them, they can’t disobey me.

If I want to call my Imp Mr. Flufflebutt, he’s just gonna have to deal with it.

I wonder how that worked out for Wilfred Fizzlebang and Gul’Dan.

Controlling demons is driven by intimidation and threat of physical abuse and suffering.

Wilfred was a terrible warlock and he paid for it.

Yessiree that’s because he tried to control a demon too powerful for him.

And current warlocks are of the Netherlord title. It’s not a big deal for us. Heck I stole Dreadsteeds TWICE from the Legion

Wut, no the Netherlords are composed of all champions of demonology.

Both rookie Warlocks and Netherlords exist in current WoW

At this point in my long, illustrious career there isn’t a demon in the twisting nether I couldn’t intimidate.

But I’m also pretty sure Warlocks actually use magic to bind demons to their will so it’s a little more than just telling a demon “You work for me now.”

I’m talking about end game warlocks. Obviously this wouldn’t be something a warlock can do right away. Even Beast Master Hunters have to wait a hot minute

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The player character is always going to be world champion, so that’s not really a case for anything. I’m also including every warlock that’s ever existed NPC or player.

I could see a warlock subjugating a demon with a spell rune that hurt or oppressed the demon in some way if they were out of line. Doesn’t take away from my point though, it adds to it.

No, canonically the Netherlord is singular, and equivalent title to the First of the Black Harvest.

Indeed! We (temporarily) enslaved a Pit Lord to defeat Kanrethad, we permanently enslaved an Eredar (Wrathguard), can summon other Eredar (Demonic Tyrant), a variety of demons of various origin and power level including an Eredar Prince (the portal talent), Aberrations of the Void that aren’t even demons to begin with (Voidwalker) and even extremely powerful Void beings (Voidlord), etc.


Grimoires exist in-game. A good chunk of the quests that involve magic always involve a “go fetch their spellbook game so they don’t summon anything else”

Every demon in the original questlines to learn their spell required something different. The felpuppy is was basically a dog we forced into submission and as per the green fire questline dialogue option with the felpuppy, he’s literally just a demon dog now lmao


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My main for… forever has been this hunter.
I fully agree warlocks should have a multitude of demons to choose from.
There is a huge lack of choice in this game in numerous ways…this being one.

Give warlocks some :heart:
Put the “fun” back into this game plz.


You mean like the tame Fenryr event from Halls of Valor?

Can’t you already enslave any demon?

For 5 measly minutes. Woopdeedoo

Demons > than pigs or wolves or bears.

That pulsing aura of his is so dumb. They already have smart targeting in the game for trinkets and other proc based attacks, “so it only hits things on your agroo table,” but they refuse to apply it to him.

And those summoners are still summoning from the same small list that’s existed since Vanilla. In Vanilla hunters couldn’t tame dragons undead mechanicals devilsaurs and the list goes on. Tame evolved, so can summoning.


I can see your argument here, but the problem I’m running into is, yes, warlocks have green fire, but this cosmetic only encompasses Destro. Not every warlock has access to this so it’s not exactly a fair comparison to make.

That said, I do agree that the OP comes off a little entitled. This has forever been a thing since Vanilla, and it’s not going to change anytime soon. Complaining about it now feels bizarre, especially when there is an array of issues with the warlock class outside of “man I have no new demons to summon”.

And our class mounts, that’s about it. The non Legion ones.

My guess is blizzard wants tameing to be a hunter only thing to the class is why.


Then why give us enslave demon? That implies we CAN control other demons yet it’s for 5 stupid minutes.

I get there’s flavor for classes but come the heck on already Blizz

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