Warlocks are getting ripped off compared to Hunters

Honestly the only demons I’d consider off limits would be the big boss ones. Like Mannoroth when he’s all bones. Or the brown demon inquisition boss in Tomb of Sargeras, Imonar, the Avatar in ToS if he’s classified as a demon. No Varimathras either

I agree. I just want all, or most demon types. We’ve been due some upgrades even if it’s not power.

However if they ever give demo a pitlord… please give them unique abilities and on par with the infernal as far as tanking

It would be rather funny to see small pitlords following a lock. But I would almost consider having that one be a temporary summon on a cooldown


Replace the tyrant. Works for me. And I would also love a second demon for demo, at least as a talent. Or a talent for greater demons, like in legion/mop. Replace inner demons with it and make inner demons baseline… or make sacrificed souls baseline and replace the talent with that… (OG grim sup)

Well I don’t mind the tyrant. I’d have it be a talent so folks get the choice. Ya know?

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Hmmm… so maybe demonic consumption could be reworked to summon a pitlord

Rework the nether portal talent to summon smaller demons, but the more soul shards you spend summoning more demons part of it also summons bigger and better demons depending on the soul shards spent.

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Yeah I’ve seen that idea before and I am all for that. It’s how it should have been from the beginning.

But still make sacrificed souls baseline since it’s weak for a final row talent and replace. Won’t compete with the others ever.

Sorry, off topic… MORE DEMONS PLEASE! :sweat_smile:

You’re good

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They gotta make the easiest class more easy for more noob to play hunter so never can see blizz nerfing hunter

Another idea could be locks can loot books from certain bosses. Like how Hunters can get those tomes to tame certain pet families.

They nerfed the other two hunter specs into the ground this xpac. :slight_smile:

The only one that excels at anything is BM in PvE.

Honestly, I’d argue destro is way easier to play than a hunter.

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Have you seen surv hunt in arena you just dot hide and do more damage then my bolts

Which is a shame. It’s like how Affliction and Demonology aren’t great in BfA.

I freaking miss Affliction. I also miss my Doomguard

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LOL. You must be the world’s worst lock.

I’ve had a few lock friends of mine quit because demo/aff are just awful right now.

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I mean i have to hard cast my stuff while hunter just dot you and do alot damage and hide

Mortal coil into two bolts that take a second to cast. GG, you just won.

Or coil into shadowfury into infernal onto bolts. GG, you won.

easier said then done in 3s