Warlocks are getting ripped off compared to Hunters

Right. So if they don’t have any other similarities, we don’t need to make them more similar for no real reason other than “gimme gimme”.

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If you’re watering down classes to that level, then almost everyone is a rogue nowadays with combo points.

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But that’s is what the similarity is about! Giving locks the ability to choose between a broader variety of demons doesn’t stretch that similarity much more than this, because like I said, the two classes’ pets are totally different creature.

There are no locks here demanding to get a specific pet type that hunters have.

Edit: And to be completely honest, EVEN if you gave locks the ability to enslave… there are nowhere enough demon variety to even touch the “menu” that Hunters get to choose from. At best, most of the stuff is just color variation.

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Nope, because we already enslave everything from Aberrations (Void Walkers, Voidlords) to Eredar (Wrathguard) to lowly Imps and demon puppy Felhunter. That’s the entire spectrum.

Just ignore Sentenza. They are filled with salt. Stop feeding the troll.

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Yeah, I just came in to add my support without realizing that.


Yes like I said, the pet rez is 6 seconds. Hunters are far more dependent on pets than locks -if a hunters pet goes down and stays down, its pretty much gg. Are you saying hunters just need to be ready to summon multiple pets in encounters if one goes down?

Mend pet does next to nothing in serious fights if the pet is being targeted or gets caught up in multiple AoE. Unless feed pet pops back 75% of pet health, a hunter will be spending so much of its time keeping its pet alive. Otherwise healers will have to also heal the pet, which nobody is going to want to do.

Forgive me if I’m misunderstanding warlock mechanics - can you use an instant summon to give you another demon immediately if your demon dies?

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It’s not fun when its your only demon for up to a decade

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Same with warlocks, actually. And hunter interrupt isn’t tied to pet!

All of this applies to warlock demons except our heal hurts us and can be interrupted and locks us out of a major school.

Only once every three minutes and warlock pet heals are worse than hunter pet heals.

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Warlocks will never be able to find pets like hunters do. But being able to replace your interrupt/cc/range/tanky pets with demons you enslave out in the world could be cool.


See this hunter gets it

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That’s basically what the Lock community is asking for. “Stables” and “Tame” is just merely wording…

What I’d vision for this is basically an interface with all the demons you enslaved to the right, and to the left, 5 “slots” each representing the demon types, and you get to assign other than the basic demon you have.

All the color variations of Succubi and Shivarra will go into the Succubus slot.

The variations of Voidwalkers and other demons that can be seen as “tanky” can go into the Voidwalker slot.



It’d be a nice reason to go back to Dreadscar Rift too. There’s so many demons there it’d be like Demon Ikea for us locks lol


Basically it would be kind of fun to revisit Legion and BC content looking for your favorite color tints, or variations.

Like I said before… Even if realistically a Lock could enslave 95% of the demons out there… It wouldn’t even scratch the variety of what Hunters get to play with.

Almost all the differences comes with armor details or color tint. The biggest “novetly” though would be the ability to choose from a different silhouette, like changing an imp for those smaller inquisitors (both ranged). And even that is still pretty small.


All of BM damage, and their stun, is tied to pets. So is the focus regen for survival hunters

Fair point, but your demons ardent as important to your class and hunter pets are.

You still get an instant-summon compared to hunters possibly having to 2-second summon another pet if their first one goes down.

I do apologize though - this thread isn’t about utility, its about choices. Didn’t mean to hijack it!

They still have an ability not tied to their pet that can stop spell casting

By the way, this won’t be a thing come Shadowlands… Re-summons are a long 6 second now. (Unless I missed any updates on this)

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I’m down.

I mean Warlocks have had Enslave Demon since forever. Might as well make that ability do something important again.

Re-flavor the current iteration as a form of lesser mind control if it’s still an ability people use.

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Great, and then what? Barbed shot/ Auto shot / arcane shot them to death? A single interrupt difference is not an equalizer in this discussion

I need winged eredar babes in my life.

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