Warlock is currently not good in M+

“Destruction is currently not good in M+” is perhaps the better title.

My demo can burst 300-350k on a trash pull with CD’s which again isn’t too shabby with 4 piece tier. Destro excels at 1-2 target cleave. Aoe if the pulls are larger than 5. But realistically that probably isn’t going to happen with a slow ramp time. Its not like affliction’s spam seed build for aoe Which can hit around 300k + too with tier set.

I’d also mention even with infernal, you need to have a blasphemy up and you need to coordinate the two abilities, the blasphemy/infernal need to be used simultaneously and you need to maintain four immolates.

CDF doesn’t feel too bad tbh.

destro tier is trash


Maybe. Consistent Dmg > burst with odd timers. Having to align a 3min CD (NP) in raid along with the tier set isn’t great. Demo has its trade offs, sure its more burst but its kinda average overall. Demo tends to shine on some bosses, and mostly in M+, outside that its kinda okay. Take tier away and its definitely not going to keep up as well with destro.

because its the truth, your brain is telling you they are “giga busted” and you know how i know that? you think they need a 10% nerf.



My brain is telling me they’re giga busted because the data supports them being far ahead of other dps specs, both ranged and melee. The highest dps recorded on every single dungeon right now belong to spriest. Which doesn’t even factor in the value of PI, VE, Stam buff, Mass dispel, etc.

Fun fact: WCL aggregate data from the start of Legion all the way to the launch of DF show Spriest as the single strongest dps spec in the game.

And then they were insanely strongly last tier and are insanely strong so far this tier. You can cope all you want, but spriest is dominating M+ right now with nearly double the run counts of the nearest ranged dps (boomkin) in the 16+ key bracket.

They are not “a bit” overtuned. They are overpowered as hell.

Yeah, I’ll probably shelve my lock if those changes go live. Demo is the last lock spec I actually enjoy playing. Blizz has already ruined the other two; might as well go 3 for 3, right?

I’m definitely thinking about retiring my lock in keys. I like my lock in the raid. I think single target damage and two targets cleave for the most part is perfectly fine. But the AOE in dungeon atm i have no fun doing it with my lock. Demono yeah you can do fine aoe but there’s so many problems with this spec from pet bugs to downtime and i really hate the tyrant playstyle that the class trinket is bringing back i preferred the dogs playstyle as it’s a more reliable/sustainable platstyle. I can’t stand destruction in aoe rof *****. Cataclysm should be baseline. Even with the tier CDF still is not great in aoe i mean the baseline spell is sad. I do like aff in aoe when we got lot of haste but with the amount of haste we have atm it’s not fun seed takes too long to cast and the single target penalty is significant when you play the aoe spec. I miss Dreamweaver a lot.

I have no fun on my lock in aoe situations when the spriest and ret etc have so much front loaded dmg and they are not effected by the tank kiting when I’m just slow and before my bolt land the mobs are dead, our abilities are all slow casting, the only thing instant is rain of fire which doesn’t do much dmg at all unless you pull like in AA tree boss area, but it doesn’t happen at all in current M+ pool, bliz need to do something asap!

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Cdf sucked when they thought of it , it sucked when they implemented it & still sucks now.

The best single target build for destruction doesn’t even include cdf.

Just stop trying continue pushing these uninteresting abilities down our throats.

Curse of doom sucks , CDF SUCKS , Darkglare sucks , why do they keep insisting on this crap.

The data is showing you that they are a bit overtuned, your brain is telling you that they are “giga busted”. If you think this is “giga busted” than you havent been playing this game very long. They have already went down in raids and Dungeons, the only reason they are a bit overtuned is because of PI, if that didnt exist they would just be considered strong.

Do you really need to come to the warlock forums to try and defend your giga busted spec?

I get it, you don’t want to be brought back to reality. That’s understandable, but we don’t need to hear you try and defend it constantly.

i dropped shadow so it isnt “my spec” anymore(which should be obvious considering this toon has 0 season 2 data), in fact i play aff now which is FAR from busted… what else you got.

Nope i am deep in reality actually and am able to look at this objectively but good job showing me that you have no argument.


I don’t stalk people’s characters - I just go on what you say and anyone so vehemently defending shadow and trying to minimize how giga-broken it is at the moment is way too heavily invested in it to not care.

this explains a lot more than you realize rofl.


All he does is whine incessantly about lock being bad, I wouldn’t waste your time.


You should probably look at Mannis IO between now and SL and see he’s more qualified than most people to comment on mplus.

what does that have to do with anything, better question, what was the point of this response. This game isnt just mplus and your right to give feedback isnt dictated by how hardcore you are, thats the stupidest thing ive ever heard. Theres no such thing as “qualified” when it comes to feedback in this game.

There’s this thing called credibility.

The fact you think affliction is broken in mplus shows you don’t really have a clue what you’re talking about.

When you have higher io players or ce players or glad players making a statement it has way more credibility over someone that doesn’t play at that level because to play at that level you have to have a certain amount of understanding of the game.