Warlock is currently not good in M+

My problem is I hate demo, destro is only good at very high keys and aff is bad at all keys. Kind of rules out warlock for me, sadly.

I mean, I don’t do awful damage as demo in the 16 range, but there are plenty of far better classes. The problem is more consistency due to the favoured melee specs being able to go pack to pack obliterating things with no down time.

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man, what the hell is everyone talking about? destro its top teir spec in M+ the only reason a ret may outdmgs you on a key its becouse the key its 16-, Spriest are op so dont compare but still destro pulls out close to SP dmgs, i had yet to see a demo beat me in dps on low or high keys +17 and u totally eat them alive in +20s u eat rets alive the higher the keys goes.

i only see a problem between the keybord and the chair, yes CDF its crap and need buff to be usable in aoe but the only use i find for it atm its refreshing immo, the only thing need destro needs its QoL by giving baseline cata or decouple from inferno

the higher the key the more dmgs you do the higher the key destro becomes a moster, even in low keys destro is really strong so just improve your gameplay and complain about reallity not fiction when u get a good grasp of the spec and know how to play it then u are entitle to complain about it otherwise its pointless

??? i just get inpugs and top dmgs wtf are u talking about l2p

how thats even possible man , i had yet seem a non sp class beat me for more than 3k are you using the right talents? are you doing the rotation correctly? are you avoiding caping on shards while doing CDF correctly? im here reading all these and i feel im living on another universe, reading the majority of these stataments make me think u all are dilusional and not playing correctly.

the only guy who its right its the one who calls for decouple cata from inferno and making RoF baseline

Are you in group with ppl that you always run with? Tank will group things up for you the same way every time? What numbers are you doing, how many K exactly?

Of course destro is more than capable of doing competitive damage, but there is no doubt the spec excels at larger than normal pulls with tanks that can survive while standing still under your RoF.

Demo is way more independent and can easily keep dpsing if the tank has to both kite and do smaller pulls.

I agree. While we aren’t the worst, we just do not feel good in M+ - At least as demo for me anyways. Group I always run keys with, I have to do everything I can to keep up with a WW and Dev evoker while out gearing them 5-10 Ilvl. Bring back the pre-nerf Felstorm and should be much better. Sucks that being competitive in this class requires a trinket that is “rare” although reports are it drops quite a bit, even though I have yet to see it.

no, i just pug i puged all my way to 3k last season i pug all 20s+ this season, depends on the dungeons an pulls i may get 120-150 overall dmgs on my current gear, the only way i get behind in dmgs its if tanks start pulling pack per pack but that rarely hapend and if it does i leave

that argument its only used by ppl who doesnt play the spec correctly, theres a point where no tank would ever take mobs out of RoF if he does that its cuse he really needs it and even while doing that he tries to kite them around RoF, destro does not need any “team group organization” to shine you can do it by yourself, your tank its pulling mobs out of RoF? well pretty sure other dps are losing dmgs becouse of that and the key wont be time just leave, and that rarely happends.

even if your tank its doing really narrow pulls you compensate on bosses, anyways theres a point no one pulls like that if they wanna time the key

well man thats your issue, idk what keys are you running currently but almost no one can compete vs a devoker/ww/ret on a -13 key even if its forty, demo performece decently the issue lies between the keyboard and the chair, check your talents check your rotation handle the pulls better, heck if theres a spec that can compete on bursting a pack thats demo 100%

For the love of warlocks FIX Affliction


Consistency of the spec is definitely a problem. Like i said in another post i’m fine with bug fixing DS (a.k.a a nerf) and all but at least could they fix the problems the spec has.

  • Healer has to drink and the tank is not pulling while he does suck to be you demono you’ll lose all your pets and procs.
  • Someone died and needs to be rez and the tank is not pulling while doing do suck to be you demono you’ll lose all your pets and procs.
  • A little boss RP in key suck to be you demono you’ll lose all your pets and procs.

I’m not saying it’s the only spec to have this problem but it’s definitely one of the spec who lose the most by downtimes in keys.

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Play sub rogue. You’ll realize how easy to is to ramp dmg compared to every other spec, except maybe MM hunter and ret pally.

Dude, idk what it is, but ret pally dmg is kinda nuts at keys 10-20


The main issue with lock, when other dps already ramping 200K on trash in 2 sec, we are still building shards… slowly…


Shadow Priest is just god tier, they have insane damage and utility, there’s zero reason to take a Lock over a Priest in M+, which is why it takes me about an hour to get a single invite to a 20 key, even though I’m 4p with class trinket and nearly 2600 rating.

lock has problems yes but there are reasons to take a lock and shadow is just a bit overtuned so that isnt fair to say because you couldnt say that about any dps spec vs. shadow atm.


I feel sorry for people who don’t just run with guildies.

lol someone’s bitter.

To say shadow is “a bit” overtuned is comical. Shadow priest is giga busted right now in keys. They could prob take a 10% aoe nerf and barely feel it. It makes Sub rogue seem balanced.

thankfully VE is getting nerfed too

It’s very common to see groups specifically waiting for spriests before doing keys, as in listing the spec and class in group descriptions.

You can 2 chest 18s and 19s with no healer if you have a prot pally. You could likely time a few 20s with a prot pally and shadow priest and no healer.