Warlock Customization: Stables for Demons/Aberrations

Seems more of a hunter sort of thing. Warlocks make demonic contracts.

I Do agree with a few of the reply posts asking for more diversity in what Warlocks minions they can summon.

Nah, we also enslave demons, or “discover” demon’s “true names” to control them. Ergo the ability, and various quests in-game. Grimoires are a thing in WoW, like IRL with the Lesser Key of Solomon.

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This is my problem with it.

Warlocks should have their own system like, just off the top of my head:

1)Cellar of the Slaughtered Lamb and the Horde equivalent (sorry horde folks, haven’t played that side yet) are revamped with a summoning circle in the center and a grimoire floating just outside of it.

2)Character stands in front of the grimoire and player clicks on it. A list of demons pop up, the selection based on character level. All grunts and no taller than any character, no elites. (Incubuses are an option.)

3)Player clicks on the demon they want and it appears in the summoning circle. The character enters the circle and must prove themselves in combat with the demon for the demon to treat with them.

4)When character successfully drives them to surrendering, a contract appears in the air. RNG kicks in for the price (mana, gold, first born, the usual!), character pays the price and the player has a new cosmetic for one of the slot.

5)In order to get the old one back, they must go thru the same thing again. Can only hold contracts with up to five demons at a time, depending on level. (Why five? It just seems more mystical than four :grin:.)

That sound great idk what OP actually wants but I think they don’t actually want a stable exactly identical to hunter. I feel like they just used the word so you would get the concept. Another thing that lets warlocks use more than the few currently allowed is the main point of this thread I think

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IMO in an ideal, wish-granted scenario, it would play out as this:

  1. There is a Grimoire at Dreadscar Rift (class hall) and next to each Warlock trainer in each major city, five slots in the Grimoire interface, one for each demon as I mention.

(I would honestly 100% exclusively go back to Silvermoon as a Blood Elf Warlock to switch out demons in The Sanctum, the “warlock guild”)

  1. You go to where the Demon you want is. Enslave is a simple spell, you wrap them up in chains like on live.

  2. You must bring the Demon to Dreadscar Rift (class hall), specifically to the area used for the Ritual of Doom class hall ability where during the Class Hall Campaign we summoned the two Eredar Twins and enslaved them.

  3. There’s an altar thingy in the middle of the summoning circle in that area, clicking on the altar causes the demon you enslave to jump up to your level and aggro you again.

  4. You must defeat the demon, down to 1%, for them to tell you their “True Name”, and thus it is automatically added to your grimoire permanently, because you’ve enslaved the demon via contract using its true name.

  5. The Grimoire is just a list of demons that you can switch out with the assigned names. If you want to change a demon’s name, you MUST “sacrifice” the demon on the altar in Dreadscar Rift, and we enslave the same model. The only exception are the Named Demon NPCs, since those are presumably their true names.


I thought the thread title was “give warlocks demon babies” and i had several questions and concerns.

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lol @ this hunter being so adamantly against a proposed cosmetic change for another class. No one’s gonna be confusing warlocks for hunters just because they’d be getting a few more different demons or demon skins :roll_eyes:


While it is a fine idea, you would want the Grimoire to be in a more accessible location. That’s Legion content. Yes, you will be able to go from 10-50 in the Broken Isles when SL comes out. However, not everyone will want to do that. Let people change while leveling.

Put the Grimoire in other areas such as the various capital cities in addition to the Class Hall. Give people a choice.

I said that lol “in each major city”, but I do think the Ritual would need to be done in Dreadscar Rift 100%, or maybe the Altars of Storm throughout Azeroth that are warlock power things originally

DOH! lol

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You have a chance that Blizz will listen to you because you’re not a hunter.

The only thing with that is they would have to redo the enslave spell so demons don’t despawn when you teleport

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Just make the different demons have more well defined utility options to compel a warlock swap their demons based on the fights and such and it’d be gravy, I think.

Or just have a debuff, “carrying an enslaved soul, will dissipate in X Hours”, the demon respawns at the Altar when you start the ritual :thinking:

We had that in MoP with Grimoire of Supremacy and that is not what Blizzard wants anymore and has stated as such, so that ship has sailed

it’ll never happen but hey… what’s wrong with a dream…


I feel like they’ll do it Eventually, probably with the next Fel-centirc expansion given Demon Hunters exist so they don’t need to be the only favorite child anymore

Good god yes.

I may have had this fantasy more than sex ones.


You summon demons from the void. So how would you stable one?

This simply sounds like too much fun.


You would trap it in a grimoire, possibly a nexus to the void, where you can summon it whenever you want.