Warlocks are getting ripped off compared to Hunters

canonically wrong, all our permanent demons are enslaved actually

If the system already exists, and all the demons already follow a family ID system, just copy paste the system onto a floating fel book lol

Pet Stable interface at NPC -> Grimoire interface at object
Pet ability rewrite and level change post-Tame -> Demon ability rewrite and level change post-Enslave
Five slots in interface for pets -> five slots in interface for demons
Fixed abilities per Pet Umbrella (e.g. Cunning) -> Fixed abilities per Demon Category (e.g. Caster Demons)


I have next to no clue what you just said but from what I could understand I think you want Blizz to make demon taming a thing…? If so I 1000000% disagree, the way Warlock pets are currently is super unique and I prefer it that way. Warlocks should get 1-2 more demons with unique abilities but DO NOT allow demon taming.

Blizzard doesn’t want to add more demons because it’s more to balance; they already added new Demon models via the glyph system after they removed Grimoire of Supremacy that was added back in Mists of Pandaria.

Warlocks being able to enslave new demons, perhaps a small mandatory “quest” (e.g. have to finish the ritual in a certain location in-game) would add life to a system that is a relic of Vanilla WoW, with models that are a decade old already, and would utilize assets painstakingly made for Legion that are currently seeing no use.

Warlocks have 1 demon per function:

  • Ranged DPS + Self-Dispell
  • Melee DPS + Interrupt + Dispell
  • Melee DPS + CC (Channeled)
  • Tank + AOE Damage
  • Demonology specific Melee DPS Cleave + AOE Damage + CC (Stun) + (in shadowlands) Interrupt (if stun immune)

Would be cool to add a system where Warlocks can add a model they want for the role that already exists among the variety of demons that exist.

One of the big difference is that Hunter pets are willful companions, one of the core fantasies for Survival in particular is basically the premise for “I am Legend” (movie from 2007) which i absolutely love.

On the contrary the whole point of Warlocks is the forcefully summon and control demons against their will. To bend and break them. You can’t name something like that.

I do agree they could bring back a glyph system to give them access to some demon variations though.

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I’d imagine the lack of demon choices or what not could be because the burning crusade was defeated leaving only the minor demons paddling around to “tame”. IDK.

Nope all Warlocks are currently Netherlords of a small demon army in Dreadscar Rift

The issue you point out is address in the following concept:

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Did you not play Legion? The demon expansion?

Would have been ideal do add more to their stables then imo.


What, and take away from Demon Hunter spotlight? The nerve, the audacity!


Lets at least consider this guys at the office!

Just here to continue support


This is such a good idea and deserves more attention :frowning:

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I don’t want this thread to die. It’s the biggest one we have on this subject. C’mon fellow warlocks, show support! Make blizzard hear you!


~Casting soulstone~

~accepts soulstone~

So what demons would everyone pick?

So if I were to be realistic about my choices, I would love a Shivara, Jailer and inquisitor. If I could make my Felguard into a fel lord, that would be amazing but idk if that would be feasible. Oh, and the Doomguard and Infernal back. Hell, and Abyssal.

But my dream demons would be a Fel Lord, Dreadlord, and Pitlord (so I guess all the Lords)


I feel like Inquisitors could be a possible Imp replacement. jailers possibly for the Felpup.

Maybe those fat succubi for voidwalkers. I’d imagine a pit lord could be a possible replacement for the Infernal we can summon on cooldown. They’re pretty chonky boys so I’d imagine they’d be special but doable.

Oh. Another imp could possibly be those little demon dudes with the backpacks. The little red ones


Shivarra got a lot of variations in legion, the council in Argus is awesome and doomguard and infernal really should comeback. I want all lords too, but my favorite is Bilescourge, it could be a nice option instead of imp. Imp mother is another cool option, but i don’t know if could work.

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Warlocks have always gotten ripped off

You guys should have been used to it by now.

Full list of demons for everyone’s consideration :smiley:

So you’d do:

Inquisitor Imp
Voidwalker Jailer
Succubus Shivara
Felguard Fel Lord

what about felpuppy?

Too rational for felpup no? I always imagine that “slot” to be for animalistic demons.


why not?!

Never :V

Eh I like the idea of them soaking up magic in their cages