Darkglare (make it go away)

Is there any chance of this thing going away? Maybe for Shadowlands?

I feel like dots will always suck as long as darkglare is around. Affliction can’t be a rot spec as long as it has a burst CD


I agree. Instead of Dark Glare, I’d like something more affliction themed.

I can’t believe Darkglare is going into SL completely unchanged. It’s the worst.


well if we had a demon stable revamp system like I’ve been suggesting we could enslave a number of things to replace the affliction darkglare CD, feel free to give this a bump :stuck_out_tongue:

I do support the warlock stable idea (we seriously need more pets) but I don’t really want to replace darkglare, I want it to just go away completely

It doesn’t really fit affliction imo, and I’ve always felt like it was out of place. Even destro I think would be more fitting if a home for it


It’s still in SL, not going away, but you can reduce it down to 2 minute CD with a talent and it’s also doing a lot less damage from what I can tell. It’s mainly there to help keep your DoTs up on multiple enemies at once, I think, more. I do agree with you that it just needs to go away entirely. Themed or not, I do not like it at all. I don’t think we need a CD like that, rather I would prefer the Soul Harvest talent we had before if we were to go to a CD. I personally hate CDs and would rather just have pure sustained damage instead, especially for DoT specs, but oh well.


Dark soul should just be afflictions CD. Or old doomguard/infernal choice.

Dark glare if it must exist, should be an optional talent.


id be fine with soul harvest back from legion honestly. rewards a bit of prep with the agony timer extension, wasnt too flashy, just press, get your damage, keep dotting