Warlocks are getting ripped off compared to Hunters

They probably do have the same system Xelnath explained to us: one head dev per class and a common pool of class devs, most working on only a few classes.

The problem is whether or not our current Warlock dev feels a BURNING PASSION for warlocks :frowning:

Overall the Shadowlands rework does demonstrate PASSION, but adding #WarlockStables would def prove BURNING PASSION


I would add my pennies to this but I would like to see examples of what people want…

There’s plenty in this thread

Teal Deers.

Got it.


Baalsamael my guy can you show him that big chart you have of all the demons?

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Ya lazy bum :stuck_out_tongue:


I just figured you’d have that stuff ready to go

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Warlocks have Chaos Bolt when they gets nerfed you can have your demon skins.

Bro they ARE getting nerfed in the pre patch.

Good it was bull. now I’m on board more demons for warlocks!

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Good news for us then :rofl:

I’m def going affliction in pre patch. I freaking missed that spec


Yeah, I’ll try some dungeons with it, infernal build for destro looks fun too and its funny because with rain of chaos destro summons more impactful demons than demonology, looks like a fixed Nether portal xD

If Rain of Chaos summoned at least different colored Infernals/Abyssals it would slap (more)

Im just picturing a swarm of rainbow imps

I want


Dont forget about Green Fire!

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Hunters can tame raid bosses so I would love to have challenges from some raid bosses like the Coven of Shivarra, Demonic Inquisition, Xhul’horac or Fel Lord Zakuun.

Yes, I want to replace my felguard with Asara from the Coven of Shivarra.


I forgot about Xhul’horac

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blizzard has hated warlocks, especially demon locks since the end of ToT. i have accepted our fate.


I forgot about Xhul’horac [2]

Thu’raya is my favorite from the coven <3

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