Want to see less layering posts?

They could still abuse lotus easily enough when you consider the respawn time for them. It does indeed make it to where it is not near as efficient though.

When there’s only 2 people in the zones, and they’re each in different zones, that isn’t really true.

But yes, the cooldown will help. It won’t solve the general mining/herbing issue, but it will help.

Ok, now we have part of the math let’s add in the rest. Supply and demand.

The way you word it makes it sound lopsided but when you have the rest of the math it’s balanced. Well, as balanced as vanilla was.

3k realm with 5 resources with how many people consuming those resources? 9k realm, 15 resources, it scales equally.

Server creates resources and server deletes resources is still maintained.

The person gathering them, for a limited time frame, might be skewed but that’s not unbalanced. The players are not tapping into some magical sources beyond what was intended for the population size.

That’s the point though. One person is. This isn’t an issue of overabundance, its concentration of wealth. Someone who gets ahead will have a far higher rate of gathering success than they otherwise would have on a 3k server, because they can access 3x as much, without competition.

I’m by no means saying remove layering. I just don’t think a very short timer is enough to limit them.

No it wouldn’t. People are going to cry about their update too. The vocal minority won’t stop regardless.


Blizzard posts:

“We have no plans on changing how layering is implemented besides adding some safeguards to prevent resource exploitation”

“Nice job Dave, hopefully the community understands”
Checks thread 30 minutes later


If 1 person on a 3k server gets to take advantage of low competitive resource gathering. The addition of layers will not change this. Because each additional layer brings its 1 person.

Also, how long does this really last though? I mean, with all the leveling experience from pservers. How many pro levelers are going to be hitting 60 asap? That 1 turns into 10 really fast.

The level 60 population swell will happen faster than layering’s removal. Unless they remove layering in 2-3 weeks.

You illustrate a vanilla problem not a layering problem.

Not necessarily. 1 person can take advantage of 1 zone. Time constraints keep them from going to another. There is more than 1 zone where you can farm Black Lotus.

However, time constraints don’t prevent you from checking all 3 layers at each node (unless the claimed cooldown is in place). So if you’re doing laps of EPL you have access to 3x the resources, while someone else is doing the same in Winterspring.

In a 3k server, you would still only be able to take advantage of one zone. Winterspring would simply be unfarmed. In a 9k server, two people have a zone to themselves still, just different zones, and 3x the resources.

Wont stop me from trying. Layering/sharding are antithetical to what an mmo should be. Players should be put together, not separated.

The servers still have only generated the same amount of resources. 1 server’s worth of resources per layer.

You are focusing on 1 person being able to farm it instead of multiple. That’s a very short lived issue with all the people that will be max level and out farming. That’s assuming max level is even required for farming.

And 1 person currently can access more than one layer unimpeded.

The bell curve for levelling is a lot sharper than many people are expecting. It’s not like an Expansion. I would be surprised if there are more than half a percent of launch characters at 60 within a few weeks.

Yeah, I think they should make a quick post confirming that leeway is working as it did in Vanilla.

As you seem to have a crystal ball, can you ask it about which of layering problem videos show cases of bugs, which show intentionally stressing it and what is intended by design?

Even if you don’t have that crystal ball please ask whatever hole you dig your info from.

Your concern is macro economics when I am talking micro economics.

Micro = server creates vs server deletes.
Macro = player percieved value (trade value)

Devs control micro players control macro.

1 player collecting 100% of all the resources does not change the finite amount of those resources.

This is the confusion I am talking about. The server is still set to fabricate the same amount of resources. People attacking layering make it sound like the server will award that 1 person more resource than it would be if it was 100 people.

1 player monopolizing 100% of the sources is an over exaggerations, of course. There might be a short period of a select few capitalizing on the lack of competition. But that is a vanilla problem not a layering problem.

Oh, there it is:

Yes, that is right. Because the micro-economics isn’t significantly affected, while the macro-economics is significantly affected…

Just because only half the equation needs fixing doesn’t mean we should ignore it?