Want to see less layering posts?

First let me just say I absolutely despise layering and want it removed. That said I just plain don’t understand why so many people support rested-xp-only layer hopping. That would mean it would be impossible to form groups from general chat unless you’re in an inn or a major city. How can anyone support that?

If it makes it harder to exploit, I’ll support it.

I don’t and have generally just advocated with the internal cooldown. Basically as you said with grouping from chat being the reason.


This was an easy one.

If you’re forming groups in the field, you’ll typically do it with people around you that you can see, on the same layer. If you’re forming for a dungeon, there’s always an Inn nearby. If you’re forming with friends, generally you won’t all already be together so whenever you stop at a flight path, duck into an Inn.

If you’re forming with strangers intentionally to hop layers, the travel time from the place the rare spawns on this layer, to the Inn and back to the rare spawn’s location, is good enough for people to have killed the rare already.

Layer hopping should not be easy. It should not be encouraged. However, because of friendships, it cannot be stopped completely.

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There is one question I will pose you with this though Eloraell. What exploit with layer hopping are you looking to limit?

Significant resource duplication, both with rares and materials. PVP is already handled.

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Its just my personal perspective on this, but I won’t deter your own opinion. Technically you are not wrong with it being more difficult in any case. Regardless of the server, I just see it as when a person is capable of this sort of exploitation. It will be for a very limited period of time and other people will be just as capable in the different layers as that one person. I just see it as competition will naturally balance out the issue of layer hopping in all stages. Only one person will probably even be lucky enough to gain more than others, but that is a single person out of thousands and, as mentioned, for a short period of time as is.

Internally things are a mess, they’re behind schedule, worried, over worked and lacking direction. Nobody’s going to post anything until they straighten things out.

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By not making it a hassle, an addon will be instantly created to allow “everyone” to layer hop at will, and it will mean far more people do it early on to gain a leg up.

Making it hard and not something an Addon can easily solve, is worthwhile.

Their has literally already been updates on it. Blizzard implemented a cd on how quickly you can switch layers. This is common knowledge. For those who just whine and dont actually pay attention. It’s your fault for not knowing.

I’m not disagreeing with you, but a counter to this is that layering as it is implemented now (even if temporarily) is a mechanic of the game, and it will be utilized but many more than 1 out of 1000 players. There will be youTube tutorial videos by the dozens that teach players how to layer hop and the best places/uses of the mechanic.

Can you share the exact details of these updates? That’s what this post is asking for.

This is the one major confusion I see a lot.

How is there any, at all, resource duplication?

1 server’s worth of population and 1 server’s worth of resources per layer.

The only way resources are getting duplicated is if a layer does not have a population to go with it. - Dead layers. The. Players can hop to those dead layers to farm.

Get ahead of the pack, and you have 3 people to compete against per layer. If there are 3 layers, however, if 7 of those people are continuing to level, you have 3x the resources at your disposal and only one other competitor.

Also things like Black Lotus spawn on very limited schedules. If one person gets ahead of the pack and is farming them, they can collect 3x the resources.

By the time the pack gets to max level, layering will be well gone. It’s all about the people who are just ahead and checking each node 3x for a mineral or herb etc.

The general point I am making is using three layers as a basis for an example. One person manages to get to some set requirements in his layer to be able to exploit the system in his favor. Even knowing this, what are the chances on the other layers that other people will be as ready as him. Or how long before that one person becomes 2?, 3?, 10?, and so on. The moment you have any competition approaching layer hopping with the same intention, you then end up with the natural limitation of resources in the 1 to 1 player:resource ratio.

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That’s still 1 server’s worth of resources and 1 server’s worth of players.

5 people farming 5 resources or 1 person farming 5 resources is not duplication.

Watch some YouTube videos of streamers from this weeks or last weeks reset on the beta.

All the streamers noticed they couldn’t just swap layers and seemed to have a cd to which they needed to wait.

The exact time isn’t known yet. However it seems to be between 15-30 minutes.

On a 3k realm, there would be 5 resources. On a 9k realm there will be 15 resources. If only one person is farming them, they have 3x the resource nodes to check.

It won’t be a world destroying problem like many claim, but making it a hassle not worth the effort will make the game function far more like an even playing field.

With the implementation of the international cd to layer hop. (Time speculated between 15-30 mins). Lotus cheesing becomes almost a non issue.