Want to see less layering posts?

Then Blizz, give the community some updates! These forums wallow in endless speculation because for some reason you are stingy with the blue posts.

Blue: “Hey everyone, we hear your concerns about leeway and layering and the dev team is tweaking things to bring the best play experience come August.”

Even a non-answer like the one above lets the community know you hear it and the topic is on your radar.


I got your update:

  • Layering is staying and that’s not changing or up for debate
  • We’re not getting “non-layered” servers, regardless of how much crying there is

There. Now I expect people to stop posting about it!


I look at your color and see you are a common and not a rare.

Blue post unconfirmed!


Everyone knows it’s here to stay which is why people are up in arms.

People want updates to what they are doing to update the system to make it less exploitable/immersion breaking. That alone would knock out most of the layering posts.

No need to play dumb to pretend you have OPs answer when the OP never mentioned removing it.

Go post on Reddit if all you want to do is twist narrative and read your own posts.


They aren’t doing anything. People now-a-days don’t even start with the right questions. They start by asking “WHAT IS BEING DONE TO ADDRESS MY PROBLEM?” Instead of asking “DO YOU EVEN CARE ABOUT THE PROBLEM I HAVE?”

The answer to the proper question is: no. They don’t care.

There is 0.01% chance of exploiting layering. It requires you to have multiple fiends online who are actively inviting you as you request it that ALSO happen to be in different layers.
They don’t care about the immersion breaking aspect.
They aren’t leaving it in the game for good.


100% of the drivel you just posted has 0% to do with anything the OP or myself stated.

Context. I get it reading is hard, but how about you try this REEEEEEEEE you’re doing again from the top. Read the OP, understand the context, respond in kind. If you can’t manage, don’t worry, I’ve already explained it farther for you. If you’re still lost then I don’t know what to say. I can’t force you to not be ignorant of what the OP wrote, so you do you.


I already did all of that and responded in the first reply of the thread. There is no answer on what they’re doing because they are doing nothing to change how it’s working right now. People can keep complaining all they want, but it’s falling on deaf ears. They aren’t going to respond because they are blizzard and they just don’t care. These forums are not how they choose to engage with players.

Also, what exactly am I taking out of context? I replied to OP, then I replied to you. You’re both skipping the very first question that should be asked and going straight to “I have this concern and what are you doing about it?”

:heavy_multiplication_x: Doubt

None of this is speculation. It’s just small-scale terrorists using any rhetorical tactic available to get their way.

The best way to see less layering posts is for Blizz to implement layering on the forums

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I hope they go back to zone wide sharding. It is simply better than continent wide layering.

Cause why break your foot when you could break your entire body? :roll_eyes:

You say this and don’t explain why. So here are the questions I will give you to answer in convincing me that Sharding should be in place of Layering:

  1. How will Sharding hold up in a reduced available server launch?

  2. Would you expect some sort of population cap on given servers with Sharding present?

  3. How does Blizz respond to servers dieing via use of the Sharding system?

  4. Based on your answer for 2: A. High pop: how do resources available in the world sustain the player base. B. Low Pop: Refer to question 3.

Neither of those are correct, because they’re confrontational from the start. If you’re going to act like an angry manbaby or a Karen from the start, people are less likely going to pay heed to your concerns.

I disagree. I will agree, however, that the lack of communication through all of this has been disheartening. When they do communicate, they go out of their way to show they care. I don’t know if it’s just being short staffed, or a personal preference on their part of not wanting to post “nothing new today folks!” every day until they have something. But IMO they are taking the “no news is good news” way of doing things to the extreme.

There are legitimate concerns about layering, but the spamming of tantrum threads is getting stupid.

Yes, they do care. That’s why layering is the way it is in the first place. It’s not that they don’t care about the possible consequences of layering, they simply don’t feel they’ll have enough of an impact to bother fixing. If anything, the fixes are worse. Impacting 100% of the population to address a .000001% issue. Not a good trade off.

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  1. How will Sharding hold up in a reduced available server launch? The same way layering will. It is the same exact technology. The term is just a marketing one, to appease vocal critics. Sharding would actually be better than layering because resources would not be used to spin up entire continents 3,000 people per continent spun up 3-10 times vs sharded zones. I should not have to explain why one is far less efficient when it comes to server side client.

  2. Would you expect some sort of population cap on given servers with Sharding present? The same cap they expect on the servers now.

  3. How does Blizz respond to servers dieing via use of the Sharding system? How is a server dying different with sharding than with layering?

  4. Based on your answer for 2: A. High pop: how do resources available in the world sustain the player base. B. Low Pop: Refer to question 3. Shards have their own resources… the more a zone is sharded the more resources it will have… The less it is sharded the less resources it will have… because there are less people in that shard typically means there are less people demanding those resources…

Layering is using a sledgehammer to fix the problem
Sharding is using a scalpel.

That being said; I am a fan of locked layers. Roll on Server+Layer when you are creating your toon. You are locked in. Cannot move. Shard Naming Restrictions. Shared AH so there is not an issue with merging layers down the road. After the population adjusts Blizzard can merge the layers or split them off into new game servers.

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Ironically the solution to seeing less layering posts is probably to implement layering on the forums.

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It’s July 4th week bro. I would not expect any updates this week.

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They don’t function quite in the same manner though. Sharding is meant to create instances within given zones. So in this manner you could say it is similar to Layering. What else is similar is that they can apply a player cap with them. The difference comes in when you change zones. In this case, Sharding would function like Layering with Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor except that Sharding does it with every zone you transfer to. Thus you could end up seeing players shuffling far more often in Sharding compared to Layering which people are using as an example as to why Layering is “immersion breaking”. Layering also puts certain actions in place that can allow players to hop into the different layers thus allowing a wider range of interaction with players in the zones.

So basically it will be a high population server that will keep all zones sharded at all times until there is a need to remove it or phase 2. In terms of economy, this is about the same affect as Layering, though with certain aspects being questionable based on the player caps they put in place per zone. Like an example for exploitation would be running as many players into a zone and thus creating more instances of Devilsaurs, Black Lotus, and so on. Any zones that are not sharded would then face potential issues of excessive competition to resource ratio.

The question was more based on server population in all honesty, so perhaps we can ignore this since you have applied the route of “less servers, high pop”. The response is basically the same.

The “TL:DR” is basically taking into consideration of the player caps within given zones if Sharding were the tool in place. Also figuring out how you could limit the immersion breaking element of having players jumping in and out of your world more frequently. Balance within the economy also becomes a concern.

Given it’s here to stay why are people demanding it go?

While I’d like this too, 90% of the posts are “REMOVE LAYERING”, not discussing the exploits and ways to fix them.

There’s simple solutions, in both Rested Zone hopping, and cooldowns, and it seems like people have been hitting cooldowns. That won’t fix completely it, because when there’s only 3 layers, you don’t have to go far to exploit, but requiring them to enter Rested Zones will make enough of a hassle to not be worth the effort to most.

And while I fully expect you to ignore discussing the solutions to focus on the drama, that’s why we aren’t getting a blue post.