Vote to Kick Broken?

In 2 WOTLK dungeons just today on a level 30 Alliance DK. Culling of Strath the Tank Went afk , we were killing trash up to the 3rd boss, I went tank, and we got almost to the last boss when the Tank returned. But we couldn’t Vote to Kick.

Then I joined an already-in-progress Nexus to find the Healer was DCed. The tank decided to go on but the Vote to Kick never became an option and we had trash and 2 bosses left.

What’s up? is it considered Toxic according to the TOS to vote to Kick an AFK or DCed player?

This has been happening in my dungeons today. Tank was D/C in first one. Then Hunter quit after dying in the second and never finished the dungeon.

It’s been acknowledged as a bug.

That’s the main thread on the topic, BTW. News and updates will probably appear only there (unless there’s a line in a hot fix patch notes after the fix goes in).