Why disable vote kick?

Just joined a dungeon and tank immediately went offline. So we sat there. And sat there… And sat there some more. Then people started to drop, so I left. Of course, I get hit with a 30 minute dungeon deserter debuff… Why would you intentionally penalize the people who had the dungeon ruined by someone else?


I honestly think it a bug, and the usual parties are making disparaging noise as always.


target them type /votekick and it should work. I think it’s a bug of some kind.

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The system isn’t looking at why you may have left the group, only that you did and if it fell within the period where you would receive the deserter debuff.

I’ve seen reports of Vote to Kick being disabled. Were you just unable to use it to vote someone out?

It might be that part is broken, but more information on your experience might help figure it out.

Have you tried that recently, Fuzz? Since 9.2.5?


Not recently no.

I saw some other threads pop up on it and I know the old command for /votekick used to work a long time ago.

I normally don’t VTK but I can try it in a dungeon later on today… erm well the command not actually submitting a vote to kick on some random person for the sake of testing. You know what I mean xD haha

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This has been going on at least since cross realm 9.2.5 before than no one had any problems if they needed to use it which is why many of us are wondering if it is a bug.

There are lots of posts in GD and bug reports of players saying it isn’t working yet the /votekick does all we are asking for is confirmation it is a bug or intentional.

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Yep. /votekick didn’t work either. The user who went offline was also the party leader in the dungeon finder. So maybe that was why we couldn’t kick them? I’m not sure how long we have to sit and wait before leaving to avoid the debuff. Any idea?

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It is likely a side effect of the faction grouping change. If there is a bug report in the Bug Report forum odds are QA already know about it but I put an inquiry in as well, just in case.

15 minutes or killing the first boss if I remember right? It’s been awhile so the memory is a bit fuzzy.


The first boss thing is accurate I do know that.

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Thank you great Vrak for helping ease my mind and I hope others will see this post as well and know it is indeed most likely a bug due to cross realm. :beers:


For full context. The party member was the group leader. They were the tank. We loaded in, they ran through Necrotic Wake to first boss and aggro’d the entire room, only to afk and then go offline. I can’t say for sure, but felt like a trolling. We respawned. Started trying to clear trash slowly while waiting for them. but they never returned. So we attempted to votekick, but from right clicking the portrait the vote to kick was disabled. I then tried targeting them and doing /votekick and /kick but nothing did anything. After a bit, one member left. Then shortly after, the rest of us just gave up and left because nobody could requeue us either. So we never even completed a single boss. Just waited the 15 minutes in the queue to get in and be hit with the 30 minute debuff, sadly. =/ I reported as a bug too, but I was seeing that it might be an intentional thing to prevent people from kicking so I just assumed.

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Is the option completely gone or just greyed out?

In this instance, it was greyed out, as if it were disabled. Either intentionally or I just didn’t have the power to initiate it. Everyone else tried too.

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May I ask a favor then and post something at least in GD where you guys are aware of it and know it exists we all know GD and they are gnashing their teeth.

Got you. I’ll do some testing later to see what I can come up with.

I have 5 accounts so, in theory, I can just que up for a dungeon by myself and VTK myself and see what the options are. I just gotta make sure not to reque so some random person doesn’t get flung in.


Just heard back. Confirmed, it is definitely a bug. We hope to have a resolution out as soon as we can.


Again many thanks Vrak you and the other CS are awesome.


Thanks a ton. You’re the best!