Void elves can look like blood elves but not vise versa

Nope. 0/10 troll post.

They’re not saying screw you to blood elf players.

They’re giving Void elf players a highly requested, lore-abiding customization option and people are taking it as a personal attack against them.

It’s honestly rather pitiful, but very enjoyable to read.


Dude, you really missed the news last night then.

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historic repair for alliance. And still need more


The poster he was “gloating” towards was gloating about void elves not having natural hair colors sooo. I think it’s quite reasonable to give a jab back after they were proven wrong.



Yesterday we announced that after hearing the passionate feedback around our decision to not add additional customization options until after Shadowlands, we’ve decided to implement more options sooner.

The upcoming 9.1.5 update will introduce new character customization options for two Allied Races that didn’t get as much attention as the rest, the Nightborne and Lightforged Draenei. You can look forward to new hair styles, hair colors, facial hair, skin colors, accessories, horns, tail length, tattoos, and more!

After hearing how excited all of you were around the new customization options, we saw that many of your comments were requesting more natural hair colors for Void Elves. We relayed this feedback to the team and they were able to add 5 natural hair color options for Void Elves to the 9.1.5 update. :blush:

In addition to these new customization options, 9.1.5 will also introduce other cosmetics such as:

  • Ear Size options for Void Elves
  • New Travel Forms for Druids
  • New Soulshapes for Night Fae
    • New Crittershapes to unlock: Soulshape into an adorable squirrel or other small critters. Note: Due to their tiny appearances, they are only usable in rested areas.
    • Option to Soulshape and Crittershape into randomly collected appearances.
  • New Toys

Character customization will continue to be expanded upon in the future, with our sights set on Highmountain Tauren next.

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Surely they could have done that in the active threads and not dug up like five old ones.


Hey I’m just glad they are using some of the ideas I posted a few days back. Allied races should have the customizations of their coeval race where possible. It’s a start if nothing else, which I appreciate.

What’s the point of having an AR then? If you’re just going to duplicate things why not just stick it all on the core race?


Void elves are blood elves as much as belves are high elves. But Helves and Belves are not Velves.

because it was blizzards corrupt a wish ™ to the alliance wanting high elves.


Just in general, I’d rather a lot of the ARs had just been added customization to the core race coughcoughHMTcough rather than just a lackluster slightly modified copy without as many class options. I’d rather the ARs be something new and interesting, and so many of them are just pretty bland.


Me too. They added in Wildhammer dwarves, but made it just a customization for dwarves already in game. Same with dark iron. All it was was a change of color.

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Nope I’mma making a push-back, this is literal bull.

This will kill any immersion void elves has, and make seeing any void elf unbearable to deal with, not because of the high elf themes, but because the race is now threatening over 15 years of built up lore made since vinalla WoW.

enlighten me. I actually want to know how.

By belittleing the currupting aspect of the void, removing the effects one would suffer from direct large amount of void into themselves would force a change in body, most becoming void monstrosities (you can see this happening several times in the game) By letting Blood elves (yes blood elves, not high elves as none-currupt void elves would still not be high elves that was apart of the alliance since they reject mana vampirism, and by logic, would also reject a currupting magic that seeks to consume as well) go around un-currupted doing everything a currupted void elf can diminish the currupting aspect of the void in void elves. This would also make joke of any previous void curruptions shown in WoW history.

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See, that’s one I’m fine with, Wildhammer isn’t enough of a change to me to be worth a whole new race, like if they came up with some sort of sub-race option that gave you say a choice of racials I think that would be a good fit. Keep dwarf as a race broad and give a ton of options to represent different groups under it. But again, some of this is based off how HMT was really disappointing to me (I wanted antlers on my pally!)

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Truth told, id love to see more monsterous Velves. But weve seen a velf (one of the windrunner sisters i think) who not only was ‘corrupted’ but controlled it to look normal. So there is lore for it.

Honestly i thought DI dwarves should have been horde and antler moose should have been alliance, just to kind of balance out the horde and alliance races.


No excuse for being a bad winner or being an arrogant gloat. Defending that kind of behavior isn’t any better.


Oh come on. It would have been fun.

Night elves and high mountain vs goblins and dark iron!

(Though I like this way better.)