Void elves can look like blood elves but not vise versa

Is not new to see them, and him in particular, pulling things from where the sun don’t shine to try to invalidate anything that doesn’t suit them.

But hey, if that’s the game he wants to play, everyone can go search and post out of context things, right?

This seems rather different from his current year position on how Silvermoon should be Void bombed to a pile a rubble.


Allied races were not supposed to get more customization options in Shadowlands, that was said to come later.

Lots of whining though made sure that void elves got something.


I’m at the point where I’d accept Void Elves getting a few natural hair colors as long as Nightborne got all of the Night Elf customizations.

Give us the Night Elf standing posture and musculature, Night Elf faces, and some Night Elf hair colors for goodness sake. Nightborne look like they’ve been hit by the Blizzard hate train. :sweat_smile:


This was my original stance about Blood Elves to Void Elves and Night Elves to Nightborne but I used to get a lot of hate for it which I thought was silly given it was supposed to be an elf swap from faction to faction.

As for this, this is what Blizzard should have done to begin with given as I already said we shared our model with Alliance and they were supposed to share theirs with us but here we are still waiting to be equal to Void Elves as Nightborne and they are here wanting more and more before we have even gotten the fixes or the customizations that we should have gotten to begin with and then some for new customizations.

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Yeah nightborne need a ton of work. I really like the idea of midtones for nightborne colors. Take a nelf hair color and white and take the middle tones.

But heck yes to the faces. If blizzard won’t change the model to look like the npc model, then they should at least do that. The horde got shafted on the model swap thing.


I want to just say that disingenuous backpedalling isn’t the same as changing ones stance or mind, or having different ideas that reflect your stance at the time.

One consistent fact I always had and I remember saying this when I first voiced support for HE fans was that I believed Blood Elves were High Elves that was my stance I support you but thats a fact. An example of disingenuous backpedalling would be if I had never had that stance that I felt BEs weren’t HEs, but now echo it and never make clear that I was wrong, or if I support people saying that and never go “wow I see that now”.

That was a hypothetical though I’ve always stood by Blood Elves are High Elves, thats a fact, the facts don’t change like someones opinion or stance might. Just like the quote I felt was disingenuous to now say says the opposite of what they previously used to say it said, their agenda hasn’t changed, the quote hasn’t changed the quote is a verbatim quote, the only thing that has changed is it no longer suits their same exact stance to use it in the way they used to.

The new BE/VE customizations were announced May 27, 2020

I know for a fact part of that conversation on Paladins was not a convo about Void Elves and the Paladin class but a convo still about a High Elf AR

This is from that same convo sorry to quote you Avarie nothing bad though just to iterate the convo was before VEs got new options and was about a HE AR still

That convo is at 7063 in that thread where you try to quote me

This quote you’re digging up happens at 7488 in the thread which means it was in very short time span of when I was talking about a HE AR paladin and when VE skin tones were announced, so of course I am going to sort of try to still be nice to people who want a paladin class after we were just talking about it.

You’re trying to hold me accountable to stance that I have now that I have always been open about having an organic shift in, within hours? days?? of the new customization reveal, do people form stances that quickly or do people normally take things in?

There is 31 days in May, the announcement came May 27 2020, a convo about Paladins happens prior to VE options at 7063 in that thread, by 7488 its obvious they have been announced. You’re trying to have a gotcha moment when there’s very little wiggle room for me to have deep thoughts on the announcement.

To try to quote me out of context nearly a year later to say I supported VE paladins is simply not the case, there was a convo about HE paladins and in a very short time span later VE options were announced and yes I was still getting a grasp on what I thought about everything while trying to maintain a level of consistency.


Actually it’s more because Blizzard decided they would add blue eyes and human skin tones to Void Elves as well that VE received them the same time BE got them. It would’ve not made sense otherwise from a resource-efficiency mindset.

It’s the same reason LF Draenei get tail length customization, Mechagnomes got their ears/jaws decoupled to separate options, and it’s also like when Mag’har got straight posture so they gave it to regular Orcs. It’s also why when they fixed the BE or aka Thalassian model bow shooting animation, they fixed it on VE too. Because all these races use the exact replica model of their ‘parent’.

So fixes to one, go to the other because it just makes sense. Imagine if they held back Green Orc posture until some time after Mag’har released? Wouldn’t make sense.

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NB, and ofc VE/LFD/HMT all have the unfortunate luck of being the very first AR released back when Blizzard will still trying to figure out what they wanted from the system and how to go about it so, like usual, they were very conservative.

Look at the next batch of AR that followed, and there’s definitely a better sense of polish and options available to DID, ZD, KT, and Vulpera.


I agree. I think that there are a ton of AR that need love.

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Actually, stupidly enough, Lightforged do not have tail length options.

Or they didn’t last I checked…

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They still don’t, it’s one of most people’s gripes kind of like ear size options for Nightborne and Void Elves.

Bliz obviously put the most work into nightborn out of the original 4, with the changed model.

…but I really wish they’d get around to putting a lot more work into them. If nothing else (and we all know there’s some serious else), more jewelry and hairdos/colors should be MANDATORY for the wine mom elves.


I agree, give HMT more options.


Honestly, I think Nightborne should get most (if not all) of the Night Elf options (maybe with variantions on some things like say the vines, to make them spectral/magical/glowy)… and then I think they should get more on top of that.

The playable Nightborne had so few options to start with, were so lackluster compared to their NPC’s, and are still waiting years later for anything of consequence, that I think they should basically get the red carpet treatment when it comes time for the next batch of customization.


No, it was a result of constant whining that made it, so that Void Elves suddenly got additional skin tones that was not voidy.

Which was a faulty decision in my opinion. Void Elves should entirely be fixed on the void theme, while Blood Elves should be entirely fixed on the “High Elf” theme.


In hindsight I completely agree, if anything maybe a Half Elf with a model change severely would have been better.

The only thing moving forward that Blizzard should do is to maintain what visual distinction is left however. We’ve seen that hold up to current day to the degree that it has.


Obviously, high elves were a popular ask.

And Bliz, bless 'em, solicited feedback. (And kept sprinkling the damn things in in places a playable race could have been used).

At least elves are more fun to talk about then “please nerf moonkin”.


I really wanted a new model!


Would have been the better angle that allowed VEs to be VEs.

And a half elf model change seems justified to look different enough, taps into the same fantasy I feel like while not at least in my eyes being contentious like additions to VEs are.


It would have been nice, plus Blood Elves wouldn’t have ever had to share any of our customizations with Void Elves given Night Elves don’t share any of theirs with Nightborne.