Void Elf or High Elf alliance paladins?

with how buggy coming out combat is? (especially in legacy raiding) you will have to pry shadowmeld from my dead cold hands.

Tell me you don’t know what a blood elf is without saying you don’t know what a blood elf is.


people know basic lore of the game challenge.

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You clearly don’t know what blood elves are.

By dabbling in so much tainted magic and feasting off Naru energy as well and gorging themselves in fel magic they changed. Hence why they could become redder in skin color and had green glowing eyes.

High Elves are pale and blue eyed. They also never drank Naru energy nor did they gorge on fel magic. Many High Elves also meditate and try to stay away from magic unless necessary. Ergo, if we got High Elves they have established Lore to being Druids and maybe even Shamans.

Void Elves are just Blood Elves that took it a step further and started eating Void energy too.


Not the same.

Void Elves aren’t what fans wanted and also are hidden behind needing to be unlocked. Blood Elves can be made from the start.

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First off, what is a high elf? Well theyre mutated night elves that gorge themselves on arcane energy.
And what is a night elf? A mutant troll.

So saying theyre mutants isnt a point for or against.

Second, blood elves are not mutant high elves.
Blood elves are just high elves that changed their name. They might have green eyes (some blue, some yellow) but their eyes are just a reflection of what magic theyre around and use.
They were blue from arcane, yellow from the light, green from fel.

And void elves are mutated to a degree.
But the degree is chosen by players. The only way they are different as a default is their blood. And if you care so much about the colour of a characters blood, i dont know what to tell you.

Also, what lore do you have for druids?

Your headcanon both isn’t the actual lore, and is kinda sus


That was long ago and they didn’t change overnight.

Fel magic isn’t the same either. Blood Elves caused their skin to reddened and eyes to change to fel green in record time. They also tried to hunt down any High Elves that refused to do so as well. Which is what made them flee south or to Dalaran.

Void energy is even worse than Fel as we have seen with how even more mutated Void Elves are despite being relatively new. Their very dna may not even be elven anymore as they’ve been modified by fel and void a great deal.


Nah, those are lore facts.

What magic did they use differently than the same elves that ran away from home?

Paladins only.

Never happened with the Blood Elves of Azeroth.

They were exposed to background fel energy.

Kinda like how the elves stuck in Outlands with probably more atmospheric fel would have been.

That was one lodge of farstriders that did that. Most of the ones around hung around in Dalaran gorging on arcane artifacts to handle the withdrawal and are magey mages.

That’s some prime pulled out of your backside information right there.

You know, we played through what happened to them, you know, when an ethereal trapped them and almost turned them into void creatures until the player and boring elf character saved them part way through so that they’re only partial void.

This is some pretty impressive work at making stuff up to pass off as lore.


Pretty sure only the ones that went off to outland with Kael’thas and were the enemy did this.

This didnt happen either.
It was a simple exile.

That wasnt void energy. It was a ritual done by a crazed etheral intent on changing them. But it wasnt completed.

You have alleria who is fine as she didnt become a void elf that way. And its implied that new void elves are being recruited without the use of such.

The fel didnt do anything to blood elves.

Learn the lore. You are ignoring the facts to try and push your false narrative.

High Elves are High Elves.

Blood and Void are former High Elves.

Fans wanted to be the untainted High Elves.

Blizzard used the population as the excuse against them yet they make Void Elves, who are at most one squad sized, and Gnomes whom are far less around.

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Fel didn’t do anything to them? So their skin can just randomly turn red and those green eyes are a coincidence? Please.

We also see in enemies what happens when they drank too much fel energy. They’re severely mutated.

It’s like saying Fel magic didn’t affect orcs. Naivety.


Says the person pushing for the continued retconning of the lore in order to satisfy their own suspicious desire for pale skinned alliance bland elves at the cost of the story of the Thalassian elves in favor of generic fantasy elves


Their skin did not turn red. At least not the ones who are members of the horde (this includes playable blood elves).

And high elf eyes change depending on the magic they use and are around.
Any high elf can have green eyes. Or yellow eyes. Or purple eyes.
Its a high elves trait. It did not start when they changed their name.
And now that the fel has gone from silvermoon, green eyes will start changing back to blue or yellow. Its not permanent. Because thats how elven eyes work.

Great. Not what our blood elves did though is it.

Riiiight. Says the person who doesn’t know what fel magic is.

The only one with a lack of knowledge on anything here is you.

At this point youre either trolling, or your requests for high elves should flat out be ignored as you know nothing of the race you ask for.

Learn about the race, and if you still think theyre that different to blood and void elves, feel free to come back.

That’s not a community issue, it’s a developer issue and the natural process of rebellion after so many years. Blizzard did something what players did not want in the first place and it will continue to happen until the damage is undone.

This subject goes back to the argument of high elves. Blizzard has made void elves with blue eyes. Still not the same. I would love to play High Elf with LOTS of customizations. But knowing them, I doubt they will implement such a race.
:sob: :sob:

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The problem still is that they just are. It’s belves. Void elves are helves also, now we just have 2 of them.