Void Elf-High Elf Customization Thread

Was that… after the explosion backwards? 😵‍💫

At this point, just opening for all classes for all races would be a great start.


No ma’am c:

But wait. An explosion happened, didn’t it? :joy: I can’t be imagining that. Please tell me I’m not.

I mean that’s the thing though, Alleria herself has always been the tell here. She’s the OG Void Elf, yet she has always looked the same.

So a big point is that the blue dye to the Void Elves was an arbitrary design choice within their own set up, which irked people beyond the simple “Void Elves are not HE’s” thing.

And like I pointed out before, in terms of immersion, a HE is as distinct from a VE as a Draenor Maghar is from an Outland Maghar. Yes, canonically these are still Void Elves, as in, they use void, but now we have a spot on representation for a long time alliance race, just like the Maghar offered before.

My biggest want in terms of class fantasy is that we start to see more classes being used as analogues for more fantasiues.

Like how Hunter encompasses so many fantasies from Sharpshooter, to survivalist to hunter, or rogue goes from spy to ninja to pirate to fencer; more isolated class fantasies like Druid, Paladin and Shaman could offer more fantasy using their gameplay as analogues.


Maybe “death knight” Anduin will bring back knowledge of how to wield light and shadow magic without blowing up as a new “balance” paladin class…

Yup, that’s me!

I was under under impression everyone knew :woman_shrugging:

The feeling is mutual! :hugs: :sunglasses:

I’m glad to have grown friendly with you and some of the other Pro-Blood Elf posters as well and have enjoyed our discussions and mutual support on these various subjects.

I look forward to further supporting Pro Blood Elf and Void Elf players in furthering your respective aesthetics :blue_heart: :heart:


Hey good for you elf nerds
My opinion on the whole deal ranged from supportive of it to neutral depending on the day.

In the meantime, I’m going to go be salty because I still don’t have my pre-existing assets.
And salty all this is happening right before I go off sub for a while


Oh also

Now that Wildhammer and high elves are on Alliance

Where be Blizzard



Ridiculous that they’re still not here. Like my god.

Both of these have been waiting 15 or more years.

(Thought seriously make them both ARs Blizzard.)



Body clear


Stonemaul have been part of the Horde for longer than I’ve been alive btw.

And Revantusk aren’t too far behind.


I had a troll rogue way back in the day I played as a Revantusk.

She’s lost to the mists of time, but I miss her.

And seriously, they’re such an obvious counterpart to each other that I’m still confused as to why they weren’t two sets of allied races.


You’re younger than I thought you were… also this is one of those things where you realize thats probably not uncommon anymore… and your mind just stops for a second…

Regardless they both really should be added…

Can I be honest? I think blizzard forgot about them…


Can you imagine how cool it would’ve been if Horde lost the Arathi warfront mid war and it moved north into the Hinterlands?

They redo the whole zone, graphically and with all the rares and stuff. We get two new places as cities, but revamped to be proper cities, those of course being Jintha’alor and Aerie Peak.

We get Wildhammer and Revantusk core races. They get unique models, Wildhammer being taller and slimmer than other dwarves, and Revantusk getting a toggle for the bulky and skinny model, with them being the height of ogres. They get a ton of new customization. They don’t require some rep grind to unlock, but they have a rep and tabard to grind it for their heritage questlines at 120 and for an achievement for completionists.

And we get a ton of new armor sets themed around them to go with them because of the warfront.

Stonemaul joined the Horde in WC3:TFT, which released in July 2003.

I was born in April 04.




I wish you were the story dev…

Still younger than I thought, but also now in actual math based context. Thats not as bad as my weird brain was jumping to. rofl.

For curiosity, how old did you think I am?

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Kinda assumed mid twenties to early thirties.

Honestly I think thats where I toss most folk these days… (Probably because I’m 33…)

Well, according to the supposed ‘geniuses’ over at Harvard, I’m a millennial, which would line me up with someone that age in that regard.

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