Void Elf-High Elf Customization Thread

I think High Elves can be paladins, but my understanding is Void Elves physically cannot be. I doubt Blizzard will ever give Alliance full high elves, even if they are giving some of the aesthetics. They are walking a fine line of trying to appease two different crowds, and while I disagree with this decision of natural hair colors, and I can accept people will be happy about this…

I can’t help but wonder if this is some desperate attempt to please leaving players in the heat of current events.


I’m not sure about the second part, and I definitely agree they’re walking a pretty fine line here.

They don’t want to add high elves because they’d be too similar to blood elves, however with all of these high elf customizations they’re already as similar as you can get to be honest. Void elves use the same model/skeleton already anyway, so now that high elf customization has been added I just can’t see a reason for that to not unlock the paladin class for this race. Even if you lock it behind high elf customization so actual void elves still can’t be paladins that would be fine.

Honestly though I have no idea what the intentions are here, if the intention is to pretend the high elves are still void elves then I think that’s a weird line we’re already walking. They look nothing alike. Either way that’s what I’d like to see

They’re still void elves… doubt they’ll give them Paladin.

We can rp high elves but they’re not going to add classes for RP. (At least they haven’t yet outside the race itself.)

canonically still a void elf either way.

I want some void druids! Or shamanss!


How are they still void elves though? That’s what I’m not getting I guess. They don’t even look remotely similar, one side looks like void elves and the other side looks like high elves. What’s the reasoning behind them still being void elves? Do they just not look like actual void elves anymore but still use void powers or something?

This is Void Elves when they touch the light. Which I’ve always found a little ironic considering their king is a paladin.😵‍💫

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At this point, the devs will do ANYTHING to hear from their fans on adding contents so that they can come back.

By saying “no” is not their system anymore. Because they know other competitors are beating Blizzard by listening to fans on what they want.


I think the way I see it canonically is that Void Elves are indeed recruiting from High Elves. You would be a High Elf that has chosen to start studying void like Alleria did, so that prevents you from being a paladin, for example.

But in terms of immersion, you can be a High Elf as much as a Draenor Maghar can be an Outland Maghar, you have all the aesthetic tools you need to fulfill that fantasy.

Like not going to deny it would be cool to have a “HE paladin” but to be consistent, Paladins have never been an iconic High Elf class, and for reasons I sometimes disagree with, Paladin as a class still occupies a very specific cultural niche.

I do hope that someday that archetype is expanded and more races get to be Paladins, especially if its analogues such as Prelates.


I do want to see what we’re actually getting before I get too hyped. Again, really hoping it’s something from the Kul’tirans or novel natural colors or

Literally anything other than a low effort copy paste from blood elves AGAIN.

Time will tell, I guess.


Man, you bring up a good point, but I gotta admit. I don’t really want to engage in conversation with you after your last comment to me :thinking:


I need it!


Some of their fans.


We can only hope. A lot of people are saying it’ll be kul tiran colors just because of the different hair textures but an instinct says that won’t happen either.


Neither do I, but you keep replying back and forth like this is some ping pong fight.

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Alleria touched Turalyon just fine thoo?


Agree. Shamans and Druids would be Great for Thalassian High Elves.


But you replied to me :stuck_out_tongue:

Did she? I thought he literally flew backwards

Ah okay interesting, that makes enough sense to me honestly. I would definitely like to see the paladin class expanded a little bit, especially on alliance side. Horde has very unique races for paladins while alliance feels a bit too similar imo between dwarf, human and Draenei. Those 3 don’t feel nearly as unique/different to me as Zandalari, Tauren and blood elf.

Ummm so sis! They touched in the shadows rising book and it was described as like a soothing balm? She said if it was in void form it would burn but they don’t explode lol


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