Void Elf-High Elf Customization Thread


So hear me out here.

  • This ‘orc’ is a level 45 trial character, rather than a properly leveled character.
  • If you check the armory, that character hasn’t been logged in since the squish in the pre-patch.
  • Instead of speaking normally or full orc, he speaks in this weird hybrid of the two, which is indicative of non-orcs trying to sound like orcs, because most orcs can do both properly and don’t end up with some weird attempt at one.
  • By the current looks of it, he’s an elfgate conspirator.

Anyone else following?

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Wouldn’t really be surprised.

Though I didn’t expect he was a serious debater in all this so far. lol

I’m aware of that. The Pandaren DK from WoW was literally just one Panda who got caught up in the scourge, I was more just making a joke lol

Glad it was a joke. Folk have used such examples seriously before. lol

Fair, I do recall people arguing that pandas should be DKs and using that as an example before but no, I promise - I was just joking lol

Technically - the Goblin dks (original ones anyway) weren’t from the same cartel as the normal goblins, right? DK lore is tricky sometimes for me lol

I think thats true… honestly not entirely sure. My knowledge on goblins is lacking in many regards and thats a vague bit.

The Worgen are supposedly from Shadowfang keep I hear too.

I’m glad Nightborne, LFD and HMT are finally getting their turn. Took long enough. Naturally, as they seem to now be working on the Legion ARs, I expected to see some more info on Void elf additions, so I’m dissappointed.

About the classes currently available to Void elves, as I saw some discussions about why they might not fit to be this or that class lorewise. Put lore aside for a second, and think.
Void elves CANNOT be:

  1. Demon Hunters
  2. Druids (which they easily could be but with sufficient lore for them to support that)
  3. Paladins
  4. Shamans

I see a problem with that. While it is lore appropriate that most of these classes would not fit them, it does not solve the problem that as we currently stand, Void elves are prohibited from accessing 4 different classes. DID can be palas and shamans, and KTs can be druids and shamans for example.

I think it fair that at least one of the aforementioned classes should become available to Void elves, and a new class should be added to the game that would be Void elf and Nightborne exclusive. Like Spellbreaker, or a ranged caster class as we have never had a new ranged class in the game before. One that would fit the Void and Arcane themes.

How about no?

The only race exclusive class we have at this time is already limited to elves, there shouldn’t be another elf only class.


As we were kinda talking about Demon Hunter is possible… its just not going to happen until the Illidari start training everybody.

Honestly I don’t see Blizzard going for Druid which I think are the only ones they could pull off if they wanted to.

Void and Elements don’t get along so I doubt you’d see shaman, and paladin has all sorts of problems…

Besides not every race needs to be every class. We’ve got a lot of good classes as we are now. (That said I’m not against most classes for all races) Like we’re not hurting like the Tauren and HMT are. The amount of classes we have are fine.

Well, then I guess we could include some more races, like Humans and Trolls (going by popularity here). But not for every race, because then it will completely beat the purpose of uniqueness and introducing a class that would fit these races. Humans and Trolls are already involved with the Arcane, and nothing stops them from getting involved with the Void as well.

So you think that people not shutting up about Void Elves looking like something they’re not shouldn’t care about that too?

I mean, after all Blood elf players shouldn’t care about that, right? That means Void elf players shouldn’t care either in your train of thought.


There are Lore cases that Void Elves can be Druids I mean the Emerald Nightmare was all it was tied to the Void and the Rift of Alin was like N’zoth’s Realm of being the Void. Plus seeing something new for Void Elves like seeing Void Druids would not only go back to Warcraft 2 Canon of giving a note to it but also creating unique kinds of animal forms and powers from the Void of Nature itself.

Plus the Void Elves were once Blood Elves/High Elves so there’s no reason why Void Elves wouldn’t be Druids.

Paladins could be a possible class since there’s more than just Light for Paladins. I would like to see Shadow Paladins for a change if people wanted unique stuff to the game.


As someone who’s mains are all elves I have to agree with this because really not everything should be shafted into being an elf.


Or you know they make demon hunter no longer elf exclusive and they get a new class that is.

Heck, Hearthstone already has orc demon hunters.

i mean I do think they need to open up demon hunters, but why repeat the mistake? To pull out the cliche phrase, this isn’t world of elfcraft why make stuff that is that limited in availability? And that goes for any race


Void elves derived from blood elves which derived from high elves, so yes, high elf customization makes sense.

Demon hunter are fine too, since trainers are available.


Because it is fun and adds its own degree of flavor? If not for the horrible balancing issue shaman/paladins could theoretically be Horde/Alliance exclusive and would thematically be interesting.

If you really want we could add says a new class that is specific to say humans/undead. Or heck maybe one just for gnomes/goblins.

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If Blizzard responded to this topic and actually fulfilled some of the wishes of the players here…

…it would be a sign that the company is ready to be great again.

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I think if you’re going to get something like that the class skin idea is a better way to pull it out, you don’t get the balance issues of multiple classes, it’s just new names and visuals over the same toolkits. Which also means it’s a bit less work to spread the love to more races.

I mean, maybe if they could pull off giving each race a hero class of their own that might work, but that’d be a hell of a lot of work to get it out, but otherwise it’ll just end up with a few privileged races, and if following past patterns it’ll be the ones that already have a surplus of developer attention getting even more.


It would be nice if the Void Elves and Nightborne were included amongst multiple races if not all, if/when Demon Hunters were expanded beyond just the two races they have now.

But if we were to go off of current precedent and they expanded the class to only two more races, my top picks would actually Draenei and Orcs. Lorewise they’d be the only two races with more exposure to the Illidari in Outland than the rest of the playable races.

For Draenei I’d also pair them with an additional Krokul/Broken model toggle, and Felblood and Red skin colorations for the Orcs.

I do think they could still stand to open up Demon Hunters :smiling_imp: past 2-4 races though.