Void Elf-High Elf Customization Thread

If Blizzard responded to this topic and actually fulfilled some of the wishes of the players here…

…it would be a sign that the company is ready to be great again.

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I think if you’re going to get something like that the class skin idea is a better way to pull it out, you don’t get the balance issues of multiple classes, it’s just new names and visuals over the same toolkits. Which also means it’s a bit less work to spread the love to more races.

I mean, maybe if they could pull off giving each race a hero class of their own that might work, but that’d be a hell of a lot of work to get it out, but otherwise it’ll just end up with a few privileged races, and if following past patterns it’ll be the ones that already have a surplus of developer attention getting even more.


It would be nice if the Void Elves and Nightborne were included amongst multiple races if not all, if/when Demon Hunters were expanded beyond just the two races they have now.

But if we were to go off of current precedent and they expanded the class to only two more races, my top picks would actually Draenei and Orcs. Lorewise they’d be the only two races with more exposure to the Illidari in Outland than the rest of the playable races.

For Draenei I’d also pair them with an additional Krokul/Broken model toggle, and Felblood and Red skin colorations for the Orcs.

I do think they could still stand to open up Demon Hunters :smiling_imp: past 2-4 races though.


Wha? Where are you getting that. Paladins are only Light based…

Honestly, like with DK’s I think they should give us a little “the Illidari are recruiting” setup.

At the very least, Illidan had both orcs and access to Draenei back in Outland… Those could easily be added with current lore, no problem.



Thanks for keeping this thread, and a bunch of others, on the front page for years guys.


Heh, beat me to it…

was about to post the thread.

Hope they add actual void colors down the line at a later date. But anyone who is interested in their high elves… This should be good news for you.


Unlikely due to the fact the more watered down Void Elves become the less void based they are so they don’t need actual void customizations, people have pretty much killed that dream.

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Void elves are getting blonde hair.

We did it.

We won.


Where exactly are you pulling this from?

Or you’re just making it up because there’s a relation between the old gods and the Nightmare…?

Whew lad, for someone who is a regular in the history forums you sure are game for trampling all over the lore when convenient.

Yay, they get to bleach Void Elves even more.




I’ll hold out hope. Hopefully Blizzard will continue with Void Elves as void elves.

Who knows perhaps they’ll stop there and listen finally to those of us who actually want void options after…


I’m still down for some unnatural colors, especially pink :heartpulse:

I will continue to support further unnatural options for Void Elves until we get them! :hugs:


Technically they didn’t say what colors.

Like I said, I hope they do end up adding more to us later that is void themed. I’d hate to lose out.

I don’t immensely care about natural hair colors.


If void elves don’t get blonde hair then we riot.

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Posts like this will always get likes from me. :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart:


Why can’t races have more hair colors? Final Fantasy has a million hair colors.


Oh I have no intention of stopping requesting void options.

I’m happy for those who wanted their high elf hair colors, even if I have no interest. I also feel bad for my blood elf pro friends who aren’t going to enjoy this.

Many feelings.

Also Pink forever.


Yay! I hope black is one of the colors! Now lets focus on unnatural hair and void options!


Can I interest everyone in my thread then?


I cant believe velfs are crying 5 natural hair colors! Pretty excited about this! Pink is my favorite and likely will remain so but if there’s a white or black hair color, I’m down! :partying_face:

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It’s funny to look back not even three months ago seeing the same people that are always in here claiming that the devs disagree and void elves will never get natural hair colors like 4 or 3 months ago right now. Though I suppose thanks is in order naysayers that spent more than half a thousand posts here helped keep the thread bumped.