Versatile player LF guild

Long time player looking to get back into raiding, as well as Keystones. Looking for a team to progress on new content with. I’d like to find a guild that is serious about progress while still maintaining a fun environment.

I currently main a mage, but am able to heal, and I’ve been getting comfortable with tanking.

Not sure what else to put here, so feel free to get in touch!


Hi! I sent you a friend request.

I think we’re a good landing spot for a newly returning player. We have a really fun, diverse group of folks and we frequently run m+ of all levels, both to gear newer players up and to push.

We raid on Tues/Wed from 9:30-11:30 - we’ve been busy rebuilding the guild and we have a lot of newer raiders so we’re ramping them up by stomping through normals but we expect to resume heroics this week (currently 10/10 N, 2/10 H). We could really use another ranged dps, but we’re happy to have you regardless of what you want to play. Most important things for us are willingness to help, having a growth mindset, being inclusive and welcoming, and doing your best.

Here’s my recruitment post from a week or so ago, take a look!

I think we’re exactly what you’re looking for. We have quite a few people like you (versatile, including myself) and would love to have more. We should talk!

Hiya! I sent you a friend request in game. We are currently 3/10 Heroic and looking for some dps to finish out our group. We raid on Wed/Thurs from 7:00 - 10:00 pm server time. We have a great time and run keys as well during the week. Let me know if you’re interested!

Our heroic team is 9/10 and looking to recruit for this tier and beyond. I sent you a friend request.