[US][A][Sargeras] <Local Pub> Casual Raiding/M+/pvp T/W 9:30p-12m 10/10N 2/10H

Guild: Local Pub
Faction: Alliance
Server: Sargeras
Raid Times/Days: Tuesday and Wednesday 9:30pm-12:00am CST
Current Progression: 10/10 N, 2/10 H

Casual, new-raider friendly guild looking for more folks to enjoy all aspects of the game with. Local Pub is an inclusive, welcoming environment with the emphasis on fun and a willingness to be patient while we all work to help each other improve. Currently looking for all roles and classes. Happy to accept those levelling up as well and willing to help gear you up when you hit 60.

Local Pub might be a great fit for you if:

  • You tend to play late at night during the weekdays
  • You have life commitments, and know that those must come first
  • You’re looking for a fun-first group of people to play with during your limited free time
  • You have an alt that you want to gear up, and our raid times don’t conflict with your main
  • You’re just getting into Shadowlands and are looking to break into raiding
  • You want to dabble in all aspects of the endgame, including M+ and pvp
  • You’re excited to help us continue to grow a smaller guild


  • Try out a new class in a low-pressure environment
  • Put kids to bed and still make raid times - avoid the LFR hassle!
  • Participate in some fun “off-day” activities - including mythic races, intra-guild pvp tournaments (for fabulous prizes!), m+ pushes, and much more!

Interested? Reach out to Hurley#1658 for questions. Hope to see you soon at the Local Pub!

What roles are you looking for?

Hi Bhangi! Right now our biggest need is for ranged dps (and dps generally). That said, we have a couple of members who can play multiple roles so we’d gladly accept another tank or healer, especially if they had the right mindset that matches our approach (be new player friendly, patient with each other, focus on fun and improvement).

My Bnet is DocMantis#11898 shoot me a message!

Bumping this! Could really use some ranged dps, but we’re happy to have you regardless. We’d love to find more folks like Bhangi - please reach out!

We accomplished 3/10 Heroic tonight and are 6% away from Lady D on our first night with the current roster. Can certainly use some DPS though!

If you are interested in throwing hands/spells/weapons at bosses for us, and would like to talk more regarding what exactly our approach is, please do not hesitate to reach out! All about being happy with who you play with and able to be on your class/spec of choice for comfort and enjoyment as we treat each other with respect like human beings.

Obligatory mention of socials and M+/PvP players welcome, obviously you are, I’m just the raid-centric one :slight_smile:

Tata for now!

4/10 Heroic our first night since reset!

While most appreciative of anyone willing to/interested in joining, for raiding purposes some DPS would be fantastic!

I sent a request

Another week and another set of bosses down, up to 7/10 H thanks to our incredible team!

If you have any interest in the idea behind a guild as described and would like to talk more, we would be more than happy to! Could still use some DPS but OS healing will soon be needed too, so regardless please reach out.

PS: Yes M+ groups, PvP shenanigans etc also included. Our main emphasis is on the atmosphere!