Vanilla Death Travel Mechanics Differ From Classic - Does It Matter?

Hey everyone,

Sorry ahead of time if I am recreating a thread topic that has already been talked about. If that’s the case, please lock this one and drop a link!

I wanted to create a discussion today about something I felt was overlooked (so far). Like I did many years ago; I took this Rogue and ran from the Human starting area to the Night Elf area at level 1 to get Darnassus reputation.

I did this a few times back in the day and learned a couple of tricks which made it much easier to travel. When I attempted to do the same on the Stress Test, it didn’t work.

In Vanilla, I would eventually die to a mob in my travels and finish my trip dead—in ghost, running to the docks to take the boat. A cool thing I learned by accident back then is if I got onto the boat, when I arrived to the other continent, I’d be alive.

I’m not sure if this would be considered a bug that can be abused in today’s hands, but wondering if anyone else feels this should be kept.

In my Stress Test case, when I found it didn’t revive me when I arrived at Darkshore, I decided to continue ghost running to the Night Elf starting zone and angel revive there—just as I did in Vanilla as well. It sent me all the way back to just outside Ironforge where I died the first time, ugh. I remember very well it didn’t do that in Vanilla as well.

What are your guys thoughts? Is there an advantage of the new death situation I’m overlooking myself? Let me know!

PS: Also like in Vanilla, I would like to turn off the super white ghost effects when you’re dead. I prefer it darker and just a small ghost like aura around my character.


Like in Vanilla, let me:

  • revive from dead after loading screen from travelling via boat.
  • angel revive from the one I run to, not near the one I died at.
  • turn off white ghost effect when dead, it’s hard on my eyes.

I don’t remember when it was changed so that you’d res at the graveyard closest to your body (instead of where you talk to the Spirit Healer), but looking at the comments on wowhead, it was at least as early as 2.0.12.

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I think it was Vanilla, because I remember trying it on my nelf to stormwind run and it sent me back to the gy near where I died.

However, I believe if you logoff and back in the game kind of forgets which gy you were attached to and you can rez at any one. Would love to test it, but…can’t.


I think I’d give that a try, but… can’t as well :frowning:

My buddy tried that since he remembered doing that back in 2006/2007, didn’t work for him.

Wasn’t that called corpse hopping back then? Not sure when they removed it, but I do remember in vanilla you could get from Point A to Point Z by dying and rezzing… at least I remember it was a way for getting around if you were low level.

Death runs for low level travel was common.

It was in TBC that it was changed.

If it is the modern way on beta, it should be changed to how it was.


I know, I was responding to the person that said they recall relogging while dead as a method to make the game forget what GY you are attached to so you can rez at anyone, which in the beta client does it work according to my friend as he tried it, it still puts you back at the GY near where you died instead of the one you tried rezzing at.

Pretty sure that’s a bug they don’t want to recreate.

It was doing this at least as of February 2007, according to Wowpedia. I do remember that they made a number of undocumented changes to that sort of thing during Vanilla and I think by the end of Vanilla that was the process.

However, here’s a trick to try. When you die and run to a spirit healer, log out, then log back in. If you’re still in the same place, try resurrecting and see if you res at the new Spirit Healer.

EDIT: According to patch notes it didn’t work. (Though I do remember it working in the early days).

  • Players can no longer use ghost form as a means to travel to far off locations. Having a spirit healer resurrect you in a graveyard other than the one you appeared at when you died, will always teleport you back to that initial graveyard.

I specifically remember this from private servers. I do not however remember this from Vanilla actual retail servers. Are you sure? Because on the Ely private server they even had this listed as a bug.

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  1. That’s how it is in modern WoW (and was on stress test still…), early WoW would send you to GY, pretty sure about that. You also didn’t ress to full if you fell dead into a dungeon, you stayed dead.
  2. That’s a private server bug, a well known one, never was in retail WoW outside of beta.

graveyard hopping was removed sometime in late vanilla or early tbc. was bummed cause i got most of the flight points in the game that way back in vanilla and it allowed me to get exploration xp too

the stress test for beta has it removed. and thats patch 1.12

now your only recourse is to strategize where the nearest gy is. lets say you’ve entered a zone that has one spirit rezzer and you know its on the other end of the zone, closer to your destination… just die and rez at the spirit rezzer. you just cut off a huge chunk of travel time.

If you die as a ghost via fatigue (after traveling) you can rez in the new zone.


To my best recollection, it did revive you at the graveyard you were linked to when you died. Ghost running across the world was not possible.

I never knew or heard about the boat revival thing. And I would classify that as a bug to circumvent the anti-ghost running measures in place, but if they put it back in, I would be OK with it as well.

As always, this is from my own memory, and as we all know, it is very faulty after 14 years.

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I made the NE run across the Wetlands many times in Vanilla, and I never was allowed to rez on a boat when I zoned? This may be a private server thing some people are ‘remembering.’

Even if corpse hopping was something in vanilla it could fall into the realm of wall jumping (which doesn’t exist in the beta like how it was in vanilla). What I mean is that Blizzard likely viewed graveyard hopping as something being contrary to their design philosophy when putting out classic, unfortunately throughout the life of vanilla they didn’t have the tech/code in order to stamp out such a type of player behavior. That’s what they at least stated as such or at least heavily inferred when they decided to remove wall jumping.

In their mind when they stated no changes, they really do mean it. But for very niche things, had they had the skill back then those movements of our characters wouldn’t have existed. Essentially the things they have stamped out “violated” the “spirit” of how they view vanilla. And in some circles and for some devs such actions would be viewed as actual exploits. Something that blizzard does its best to mitigate/eliminate.

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I think this is most likely the right/best answer. They aren’t going to add back in the wall jumping and (hopefully) all of the WSG exploits. Even if they were ‘authentic.’

[Patch 0.6] (2004-04-13):

  • Bodies will decompose after a player is resurrected or revived.
  • The corpse retrieval area has increased to 40 yards.
  • Players that revive will now have 50% health and mana.
  • Players can no longer use ghost form as a means to travel to far off locations. Having a spirit healer resurrect you in a graveyard other than the one you appeared at when you died, will always teleport you back to that initial graveyard.
  • Players can now use all of the UI in ghost form (i.e. move things around in your backpack, read your quest log, interact with your spellbook etc.)

I never knew about the boat resurrect thing, though. Neat, but probably not intended.


This could very well be a Mandela effect too. People remember doing it, because people talked about doing it without saying it failed.

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Reviving of WoW Classic has really been a grand experiment in human memory, hasn’t it? And we are ALL affected by it, no one is immune.

Mob aggro radii I am still convinced is wrong in the beta, even though I know it isn’t.