Educate me where google failed:

I have never googled something so much but still don’t know for sure, on my lvl 1 gnome, can I die then run all the way to the boat in menethil, catch the boat to Kalimdor and then be resurrected as I zone in?

Some say maybe, it might be a myth or something that was patched out? I know that spirit healers suck and will send me back home. I would rly like to avoid all that travel xp and start grinding my tiger mount rep without any diminishing returns from being over leveled.

Thank you for your help!

if google throwed like this, i didn’t get what u said either.

You’ll only be level 3 at the most with exploration xp, you won’t miss much rep from being over leveled for the starter missions.

If you’re rolling a Gnome caster keep in mind there’s no Mage or Warlock trainers in Teldrassil.

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It works the same as in Vanilla.

You would be resurrected where you started, even if you could ride the boat as a ghost.

As I recently did the beta, you “leap frog” your corpses to the next spirit healer.

A fellow Night Elf and I did this, doing “the wetlands run.” We took the boat to the Wetlands, then you run and die and pop up again near where the boat dropped you in the Wetlands. As you get further, the resurrect point moves. It works best if it is done with even ONE other player, who could be a like minded stranger (due to randomness, a different one of you is likely to be the one the gator kills next time.)

Doing some quick searches, I read that they patched being able to do it as a ghost, BUT that then it worked that if you got on the boat as a GHOST, you were then alive on the boat when it zoned.

So you’d have to test it yourself, to see what happens in Classic.

Found it, with a more carefully worded search:

So that guy got sent home, yes.

So your best bet is do like I did, corpse leap frog. You are trying to get as far as you can, before you die. If it is far enough, you’ll res far enough along that the next time you won’t be back where you started. In my first few deaths, after getting off the boat to the Wetlands (from the NE areas), I was back in the town by the boat. Eventually, I was in the middle of the Wetlands, on the road.

We were lucky and did not die after that, being able to run up the pass road with no mobs, then kind of angle out of the tunnel and bypass the camps there. I made it to IF without dying again, then took the tram to stormwind.

I felt pretty cool, though. The earliest I tried this in Vanilla, solo, was level 10 on my NE Holy Priest and NE Hunters. This nice passerby, in the stress test, said she thought we could do it at level 5 :wink: It worked!

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Thanks for the great reply, yeah it was a thing at some point but as I feared classic will be modern in that regard so hopping along trying to die closer to the next spirit healer is the only way to go.

Another good point about the class trainers but I will be a rogue, so training will be fine but I wonder about my class specific quest! Can I just do the night elf version?

Hey! Thanks for referencing me, I hope it helped OP!

To confirm, unfortunately old tricks that used to work, don’t work anymore. You can’t ghost run anywhere without being thrown back to the initial angel you started at when you died the first time. This was patched during Vanilla’s life cycle which I was unaware of.

If you’re trying to get to the Night Elf areas as Gnome/Dwarf/Human, I found a way that significantly reduces the time, and prevents you from getting too much exploration experience.

Watch this video. You run up a mountain West of Ironforge, drop down at a certain point and die. Thankfully that point isn’t too particular. When you release, it will spawn you at the graveyard angel near Menethil (Wetlands)! You will probably die one more time due to a Murlock or a Croc nearby, but after that you’re home free.


Wow! Really thank you, I can’t watch it now because I’m finishing up a holiday but I will soon. I’m assuming it does not involve any wall hacks as I know they will be gone. My best friend won’t be returning in classic simply because they got rid of all the wall hacks, he did them all back in the day, under Stormwind, Hijal, dancing Troll tribe and his own ones all over he tried every region. I’ll appreciate this greatly if it works.

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No problem friend! :smiley:

Thankfully the steps in the video require no wall jumping. You don’t even have to be careful on the path you run.

I hate to rain on your parade but wall jumping won’t be in Classic. I miss the days jumping super high up on top of areas in Ironforge, exploring awkward cut off tiles in the mountains, and going under Stormwind. That’s what will keep Vanilla a little extra special than Classic for me, but Classic is more than I ever asked for.

Yeah I’m well aware it was his ultimatum as soon as we found out it was gone he was out but he was fanatical about it I was just there for the ride most of the time. He used to lead tours around Hijal. The best part was when he made a human character on my account, dressed him up like a banker, called him “BankerJoe” and left him inside the out of bounds banker area inside the SW bank. I’ll miss it too but I’m back purely for the community. Dungeon ques ruined the game for me.

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Oh yeah, for sure me too. There was other things as well of course which added to the reason I quit the game completely but I’ll spare you on that.

There is a section of Don Morogh where you can walk up the mountain into Wetlands, die from falling and spawn at the graveyard outside of Menethil.

It works and has been tested in Classic

Thanks for confirming, probably the same thing. I really look forward to gaming it and not being murdered by crocodiles and waiting for respawn timer 20 times.

this should not be an issue in classic. leveling up takes allot longer on all levels so the travel XP you get won’t make much difference.

Yea, it’s true but quests lose % of the reputation rewards as they become easier. You actually lose a lot when they are grey. Furthermore I like to feel some challenge when questing another thing that should return with classic wow.

I never Google anything anymore I use DuckDuckGo. Google is full of SEO spam.