Vale of Eternal Blossoms Portal Please

We’re getting the Caverns of Time portal back, which is great news. Please don’t stop there, Blizzard. It’s such a pain to have to fly all the way from Jade Forest to places like Mogu’shan Vaults or Heart of Fear when you could just make the portal go to the Vale of Eternal Blossoms instead. Hell, it’s the capital of MoP, so it’d make more sense anyways.

Edit: Honeydew is closer to Mogu’shan Vaults than Shrine of Two Moons is, but Paw’don Village is much further than Shrine of Seven Stars is.


I’d also like a portal to serpentshrine cavern and tempest keep, possibly ulduar. There so far away and there’s so much to do there


Obviously your mistake was not getting challenge mode golds back in MoP.

Might want to revise your opening statement, OP. Honeydew village is closer to Mogu’shan Vaults than the Vale was. Kinda invalidates your point.

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Done. You have a fair point.

It’s a lot more frustrating as Alliance since we’re all the way down in the south haha

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For horde probably, but for Alliance I believe it’s in south jade forest.

They should put you Alliance in Townlong Steppes, for uh… balance.

Weren’t the portals from the capitols to Panda land always to the respective Horde/Alliance starting villages?


Yes, but they removed the Vale of Eternal Blossoms portal from Dalaran during the portal purge. I’m almost positive barely anybody (at least on Alliance) used the Paw’don portal until now.

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The only time I ever used the Paw’don portal was for a brief time when I was doing a weekly boss kill on Timeless Isle for Black Prince rep on this toon. Eventually I stopped caring about doing reps on this toon, and I haven’t touched that portal since.


Hearth to new Dal and use the portal to the Vale.

I hope this is a joke lol

Guys, I don’t think he knows : (

Oh right. Yeah, I think pulling the portals from Dalaran at the Boken Isles was premature.

The older hubs make sense, but a relatively current one is silly.

Did Blizz remove those portals?

The thing though, I can see them adding back the CoT portal because when they removed it there was no other way to get back to that specific area … you had Silithus, Uldum, adjacent zones but not to the actual place.

In this case, there are portals to Pandaria, just not the ones players would like. I see a far far more steep hill to climb in the battle to get them to move these Pandaria portals back to the once-central hub of the Vale.

GL on your quest.

yes please this would help me with my Galleon farming, also it makes no sense that the portal doesn’t take you to the capital city

Yup. They removed every single Dalaran portal except the ones to Stormwind and Orgrimmar. Even the portals in the underground room.

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:: insert rage-induced tirade with lots of foul language ::


They also removed every single Vale portal except the ones to Stormwind in Orgrimmar in their respective shrines.

Blizz never really fixes anything for the better it seems.