Rearranging and Removing Portals

WOW…you really dont get around much, do you?
Firstly there are FAR more than four people in these threads.
Secondly this laughable hole in the wall forum is notorious for banning dissension so MANY people wont waste their time posting on this joke forum to begin with.
There are forums all over talking about this son, Articles being written, videos on youtube…and MOST of the discussion is there…not here.

Try harder.


Last I logged in yes. However, as someone said elsewhere, that doesn’t help any character under 110. It fits into Blizz’s desire to keep only the most recent expac relevant/playable, and funnels all those characters over 110 into a single location … but it’s such a tunnel-vision development method, don’t you think? When the alternative would be simply to stop removing access to these things for lower-level players and all our lower-level alts?


Try harder, son.
AGAIN…and please dont pretend not to know this…there have already been cases like this where blizzard has removed and attempted to remove crap such as flight from the game and the player base went nuts over it.
Again…dont waste my time or yours pretending that we dont have any precedent.

They know what has happened in recent past when theyve pullled this crap…and so they plan for it this time around.
YOU might be naive enough to think that a LAWYER doesnt know how to get a case together to make sure he’s accounted for every detail, but having worked with a few of them myself over the years I know they are taking EVERYTHING into account when they prep for the courtroom.

Secondly…and AGAIN…this is Business 101.
That you fail to comprehend that tells me that time and energy is being wasted even bothering with your joke arguments.


Tarc probably doesnt level characters at all now, hence his denial that this is a problem.


yeah…tin foil hat much?
Unlike you, Ive been doing this for many years and I know how one little point can become drawn out into its own discussion.
You really do need to grab at ANYTHING to feel better about trolling this thread, dont you?


There have also been other topics come up about the portals by people that I have not really seen around this thread or the other.

Like this one


yeah, this is all over the web.
He clearly thinks its an argument to bring up THIS lone thread :roll_eyes: as if it make any valid point whatsoever.
Most players dont even post here. If they did this forum would be FAR busier than it is.

and what most of them will do is Play until theyre annoyed enough to go try another game and then quit.

IF the forum mods had some common sense theyd suspend or ban these trolls who are only agitating players who are already irritated about this change and driving them even more into quitting.

I realize some may not be able to add up the numbers, but this game isnt exactly where it was in prior years. Nor are the companies in question.
Running ones mouth on players who are already feeling like they might want to quit probably isnt the best thing for the long term survival of this game.


I didn’t state otherwise. The point…as you so often miss in these excessive, angry diatribes…is that a good portion was from the same 4 spammers. But yes, I’m sure dude-on-youtube-you-found is contributing as well. :roll_eyes:

The rest of your stuff, that you still seem unable to confine to a single reply, is just rehashing the same absurdities. The Grand Plan that only you are smart enough to discern. :rofl:

Tarc probably doesnt level characters at all now, hence his denial that this is a problem.

Note that “Legendary Campaign”, bruh, that means 12 chars at 110 in Legion. 5 of those have since reached 120, along with 3 other 120s that were rolled since Legion. Add to that a LF draenei at 58, the rest of the Allied Races from 20-35, throw in some abandoned 100s on other servers from the WoD days…yea, I think I have leveled a fair bit over the years, and I still quite enjoy it. :sunglasses:

That’s a fair point. But there’s always been a level in which your alts usually (unless a mage ported you up and you h earthed there) could not make use of that easy portal network. So when you did this past Winter’s Veil, the lowest level at which you could get to the MoP shrines and their portals was…80, I believe?

They’ve just bumped up that threshold a bit. A minor inconvenience to have to fly from SW to IF the old-fashioned flight-mater way, but it’s hardly a game-breaker.

"In negotiations, we call these anchors. Every negotiator has a target point or a goal. Let’s take an example of trying to sell a car. Your goal (or target point) might be to make $1,500 from selling it, while your backup plan (BATNA) is to sell it to the car dealership for $1,000.

That means, $1,000 is the lowest you will go, but your main goal is $1,500. In this case, your anchor should be higher than $1,500, something like $2,000."
business .com/articles/negotiation-tactics-setting-the-opening-offer/

business negotiations 101…


Trust me. I’m the only one from my guilds who have posted in these threads. Nobody (and that’s quite a few people) likes the portals being removed.


sure you implied it. Try harder.
And so what if some here posted more than others?
Just because 90% of the people here have lives outside this forum means nothing. Post counts mean nothing. INDIVIDUAL opinions are all that matters…and in that we absolutely have seen a large majority are AGAINST the portal removals…here and elsewhere.

Again…try harder.


Except when you scream that people who find fault in your opinions must be dual-boxing, right? :rofl:

Yea, I think we are done with this tangent. :wave:

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I think, as with many recent changes in the game, it’s a “last straw” effect: lots of little things built up over time until that final little thing just totally breaks a player’s desire to keep investing extra time into all these adding-up inconveniences or unpleasantness…es. That’s not a word, it’s fine.

I’m sort of neutral about it only because my invested time in WoW is low enough I’m no longer required to care lol, but changes like this one definitely do not entice me to come back and try harder or care more, especially in comparison with the ease and pleasure of other games that do facilitate player convenience without seeing it as some kind of net loss.


Oh, I believe you.
before I really even understood what was going on with the portals being removed I was seeing screaming all over the place about it. That was part of what made me start looking to see exactly what had happened and what was going to happen.

Tarc and company can dupe themselves into believing whatever joke they want to…as can blizzard and activision…but based on the responses around the web there were already some very unhappy players about this when the MOP portals were removed and it only got worse then they took the rest.

It gets even funnier for me when tarc actually thinks that blizzard is too stupid not to PLAN for the outrage KNOWING what happened with flight in WOD.

As I said, Id have to question their competency had they NOT taken some time to plan out their response to the removals beyond this ‘bigger world’ joke theyve told us all.

They knew the CoT portal didnt need to be removed.
It was a perfect choice as it was sure to draw attention when it was taken, and its just important enough to farmers to make them feel like they got a ‘win’ when blizzard ‘grudgingly’ handed it back.


This makes me also think about that statement about an unhappy customer, that they will tell at least 3 others, probably more about how unhappy they are with X company or product. So, like yourself, for every one person that has posted on these threads might have at least 5 to 10 people playing that feel the same way.

That could reach more people than they realize and again have very bad consequences, given their track record lately.


Individuals who deceptively post on multiple accounts to skew the numbers here and then use that number to push a narrative arent exactly the sort Id want polling for me.


I had actually been talking to my brother and his wife about starting WoW accounts over the last few months. He was finally getting interested more recently after seeing us play the game.
when he dropped by the other night and watched me play ESO instead I told him WoW isnt worth the drama. If he’s looking to start a game just go with ESO and leave WoW to head out to pasture and fade away.

I wouldnt suggest this game to an enemy currently…


And yet I quit over it…and others have stated this was the last straw for them as well.
Do you actually READ what real human beings are SAYING…or do you just make it all up in your head as you go along?


…another one incoming :roll_eyes:

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so just walk away instead of incessantly trolling.

people don’t want the thread locked.

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