Vale of Eternal Blossoms Portal Please

Except for art. Art and music are always getting better.


True. All they needed to do was add a portal in SW/ORG to old Dalaran, and left everything else alone.

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Agreed. There are portals to old Dalaran in SW/Org in the new portal rooms now. The portal to Broken Isles is no longer New Dal, it’s Azsuna. And the Dragonblight portal is gone.

RIP Chromie farmers.

I have the ring that sends you to old Dal, so it wasn’t that big of a deal. But given how much people farm old LK raids, they should have had a portal to old Dal years ago.

Agreed. The ring is definitely handy though!

That portal is gone.

I still use the Dalaran hearthstone.

Yeah, I don’t mind that portal removal. There’s not much to do there anymore now that the portals are gone, anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

As long as I can get to new Dal I can work on unlocking more artifact weapon appearances.

I just set my standard hearthstone to the shrine. Used to have it set to current content but it is more useful going to shrine.

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Sad but true

Just keep in mind, that if you are doing any of the many quests for Legion content that require you to use the portals under Legion Dalaran, those no longer exist. So you will have to figure out how to get to where you need to go by other methods now.

They had stated their plan was to have those portals to show up if you had quests that needed them, but I guess they decided that was not a good idea for their vision, because they do not work.

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Agreed - the new location adds hours of extra game time over the course of a single year just to do something we’ve already been doing.

Could you have one of the guys in front of the portal give us the option of selecting which location to teleport to?


Wish you could just ask the panda NPCs to switch the portal form honeydew to the vale and vice versa



CoT portal is great. There’s raids there. Onyxia is nearby.

Vale has CAPITAL CITIES. There should be no question of portals to them.