[US][H][Tichondrius]<Titled Tuesday>AOTC, 1/10M LF Heals/DPS M prog Weekend Sat/Sun 5-8 PST

Hello, we are Titled Tuesday an 10/10 AOTC and 1/10M looking to cement a mythic roster to really start our mythic prog. We are a friendly guild that does all sorts of content and is always willing to help. Our mythic roster is our #1 priority but, we are always open to adding like-minded players to our guild.

When we raid:

Saturday/Sunday - Main Raid

  • 5pm to 8pm PST/Server

What we’re looking for:

We are currently looking for 1 healer (any spec), a mage, UH DK, and 2 other DPS spots.

Current High Priority Needs

  • Healers - Pref a Disc Priest or Shammy, but will trail any spec
  • Ranged DPS - Mage is our #1 priority, and a Lock (willing to trail any class/spec)
  • Melee DPS - UH DK

If you don’t match any of the criteria above, feel free to reach out to us if you’re interested. We’re always looking to improve our raid team!

We’re also welcome to players only looking for M+, PvP, and social members who are just looking for more casual content. We are always trying to expand our community.

How to contact us:

Feel free to reach out using any method below, but Discord is preferred and will probably get you the fastest response.

Officers: Boneghazi & Hild

  • Discord: pickle matt#8967 Bnet: Juturna#1675
  • Discord: Evonan#3254