[US][H][Bleeding Hollow] Weekend afternoon AOTC/light mythic focused guild seeking raiders for AOTC+


The Ten Thousand is a weekend afternoon, AOTC focused raiding guild, formed in BFA, by close friends who have been playing together for years. We are made up of players with a variety of experience in WoW, from vanilla to new players, competitive to casual raiders.

Schedule/Progress: 2-5 PM EST Sat/Sun. 8/11H

We formed the guild with the goals of getting AOTC each tier while pushing into mythic as much as we feasibly can. We understand that people have lives and as such, mythic is not our main focus, however given the roster we will push as far as we can with the same mindset/schedule we achieved AOTC under.


• DPS - mage
• Healers - holy/disc priest or resto shaman

OVERALL - Knowledgeable players that show up to raid prepared, but eager to learn. We have a range of skill levels on our team, and plenty of people willing to help those seeking to improve.


DPS, Tanks & healers who want to push keys. We are always looking for more players to push keys with, for both achieving KSM/higher keys as well as gearing alts. We have several players achieving KSM each tier who are willing to help others obtain this.

OVERALL: Achieving KSM each tier, pushing high keys with guild groups, gearing up alts through mythic+


We are looking for any and all players who wish to join us and build our community, in game and out of game. Our members know that even when taking breaks from WoW, the guild will always be here to welcome them back and give them a place to raid/push keys.

We have players looking to join groups in game (our raids, mythic+, arena teams, transmog runs, etc.) as well as players who play multitudes of other games together in our discord (Halo, Smite, Ark Survival, Pokemon, any random co-op rpg).

Feel free to reach out with any questions!
Discord - GrefGreag#1358
Bnet - GrefGreag#1613

sent a bnet request

Hey there! I’m a warlock looking for a raiding guild. I hit you up on Bnet (should show up as Flannyl). In game I’m either on Jahgang or Berthard. Looking forward to talking!

Hey thanks for reaching out! I play at weird times during the week so if we can’t catch each other online, feel free to add me on disc or message me on bnet and it’ll go to my phone