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                 Welcome to the monk class forum!

This thread is a compilation of sites useful for the Monk class and is intended to be a resource to help connect players to all of the different community created content across various platforms.

Community Sites
Raiding & logging
Player vs Player

                         Community Sites

Community Sites

Peak of Serenity!

Peak of Serenity is a website created by the monk community to be a centralized site for guides, tips, news, and articles for all 3 specs. Here you will be able to find content aimed primarily towards the end game raiding, M+, and PvP scene.

There is also a discord server, which can be found on the site, where the community is available to help out with questions and spec lounges to just hang out in.

The Bugwalker!

Bugwalker! The monk bug tracker

Icy Veins, Wowhead, and /r/wow for Monk! (The scary /r)

Great places to stay in the know with changes to the game, the class, and be sure to check out things like Firepower Friday to ask members of the reddit community any questions you have!

Questionably Epic & Questionably Epic Live!

A place to sim the effects of gear as a healer along with some encounter guides. While the site itself is a Restoration Druid resource primarily QELive exists for all healers.

Tank Notes!

Just select Brewmaster and it’ll update what content it shows you when you check out the boss guides or dungeon guides!

                        Raiding & logging

Raiding & logging


Unless you have a genius friend this is the #1 log analysis tool out there!

How do you get logs to input?

Combat analysis & logging tool to be used with sites like WoWAnalyzer or simply to post and ask for help. & How to get started with Warcraft Logs guide by WoWhead is a good informational on how to get it setup and what to look for.

By far the easiest thing to do once you get your log uploaded though is simply to use WoWA.


The community favorite. You can either do an armory lookup or use the simulationcraft addon to export your character profile.



                    Player vs Player guides

Player vs Player

Cutiepie’s 9.0 Windwalker PvP Guide

Talbyy’s 9.0 Windwalker PvP Guide

Sethcurry’s 9.0 Windwalker PvP Guide

Mysticall’s 9.0 Windwalker PvP Guide

For tracking retail data you can use;

To get the drop on the competition :face_with_monocle:

       Have you written a guide or did I miss a resource? 

Drop a link below and a description so everyone can check it out!

The resources included here are not intended to be solely focused on the end game, just the ones I’m familiar with happen to be in most cases, if you have great Torghast content or Transmog guides those are more than welcome!


Thanks for the guide! Really useful information.


Thanks for posting this! Much appreciated :slight_smile:

Tossing in a bugtracker our resident genius, Coryn, and myself have been working on.

Ever since the devs said that there isn’t a centralized place for them to find community submitted user bugs, we’ve been working on a little webapp that allows user’s to submit and comment on Monk bugs.

The idea being that since it’s specifically built for Monk bugs, we can grab all the latest spells from each WoW build and let you file a bug against a specific spell (by choosing it from a searchable dropdown), as well as specify the spec, bug type, severity, build etc.

It’s still a work in progress but I think we have the basics down now so it should be usable and we plan to use it to track bugs that we encounter in SL starting tomorrow (we already have a bunch of stuff from beta in there).

Anyway, it would be cool to get feedback from you guys! You can always find us in Discord and if you want to submit or comment on any bugs yourself, feel free to register an account on the site.

Here is to a bug free experience in Shadowlands!

Mik, Abe, Shakugan, Hina, everyone honesty, has been so amazing throughout this entire beta process helping us toss 160 bugs inna sack and I’m grateful to t have worked with all you gents. As well as a special shout out to the dedicated people that fixed 70 of them so that we can go into Shadowlands looking relatively smooth. :kissing_heart:


This is Super Awesome, TY for putting it together!

Wow. I see that you really are a VIP! Thank you!

Meg’s guide for Mistweaver M+ is top notch!

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