[US] [H] [Tichondrius] <Hyperbole> 10/10H recruiting for Sat/Sun Mythic raiding in 9.1

Hyperbole is a new semi-hardcore raiding guild founded by a core group of mythic raiders looking to push Cutting Edge. We’re currently recruiting to fill our raid team to prepare for patch 9.1. Players of all skill and experience levels will be considered. We also consistently run mythic+ and occasionally run rated battlegrounds as a guild. We plan to start raiding when we have enough players.

Raid Times: Saturday 5 PM - 9 PM PST (8 PM - 12 AM EST)
Sunday 5 PM - 8 PM PST (8 PM - 11 PM EST)

Recruitment Needs
Tanks: Closed
Melee DPS: All
Ranged DPS: All
Healers: All


Contact info:
Lucro#11792 (Guild Master)
DesTroone#1163 (Raid Leader)
munchi#1511 (Healer Leader)

Lucro#6215 (Guild Master)
DesTroone#3576 (Raid Leader)
wildross#1498 (Healer leader)

Still looking for more players!

We push mythic+ throughout the week!