[US] [H] [Illidan] Friendly Heroic Prog/AOTC-Focused Weekday Raid Team LFM!

11/29/2022 UPDATE: Currently wait-listing recruitment due to processing responses. Stay tuned for more info regarding any available positions soon!

Hi friends! :orange_heart: Are you looking for a Heroic raid team that’s friendly and progression oriented going into Dragonflight? Annunaki is seeking more friendly members for our secondary weekday team that raids Tuesdays 8:30-11:30PM CST. We are a Horde based guild on the Illidan server that is looking to build a safe space for raiders and earn AOTC. Currently, we are a 1-day raid group with Mythic raiders from the main team as raid leads and supporting raiders, but the schedule may be subject to change as the group grows.

If you’re new to Heroic raiding and have been searching for a good group to learn and grow with: this is a great opportunity if you want to break into Heroic raiding and earn AOTC :heart_hands:

We are seeking the following qualifications and/or alignment over these expectations! Please note: It is not a requirement to join the guild or faction-change to be a part of our raid group :blush:

:orange_heart: Positive and friendly attitude, MUST be respectful to everyone in both personal and raid settings. Zero tolerance for toxicity and negativity.

:orange_heart: Progression-oriented mindset; able to receive constructive criticism, passion for learning and growth, willing to put in time outside of raid night for performance or character improvement.

:orange_heart: Basic knowledge or experience in Normal raids, good understanding of your class rotation and toolkit or willingness to put in the time to work on this.

:orange_heart: A raider who is prepared, watched videos over boss fights prior to raid, is prompt, and ready to be a team player will be strongly desired and easily gain priority in this group.

:orange_heart: Little to no competition to maintain your raid spot. We aim to grow our team and players as individuals as opposed to benching, so we do our best to work with players and help them.

:sparkles: What we provide:

  • A solid core of raiders who are fun-loving & strive for individual and group progression
  • Lots of laughs & good-hearted banter
  • A laid-back, understanding group where you are allowed to make mistakes and grow from them
  • An organized raid space via Discord & Mythic raiders as resources
  • And hopefully, a long-term home/crew to raid with! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Sound like your cup of tea? :tea: Feel free to chat with me or my co-raid lead on Discord for more info to see if we are a good fit for you! :point_down:

Discord Contacts:


Thank you for reading! :innocent:


As a new member of this guild, I can say it’s the best one I’ve ever been in. So much information and so much patience. The raid leads’ explanations are spot on and they always ask if everyone is ok to move forward! I have became
Such a better player since joining.

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This raid group is great. We are able to down bosses in a timely matter because the raid leads are so great with explaining and making sure we are all on the same page. I have grown so much as a raid member.

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come join friendos

You are not prepared!

You are prepared?

I sent friend requests in discord for the Tuesday group. Thanks!


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Update: We are now strongly seeking 1-2 more Ranged DPS, ideally at least one Mage. If you are still seeking a guild & raid group for Dragonflight, please reach out on Discord @Seraphemia#0532 :blush: