Urgent Call to Action for World of Warcraft Players: Addressing Dragon Flight PvP Challenges

As a casual PVPer, i actually really enjoy solo shuffle but i do too many other things in game to justify sitting in queue for it for the upwards in an hour, also personal life is a thing so that effects it even more…
So I would love if Blizz did something to make queue times faster so we can play more. I played the solo shuffle version in Shadowlands and queue times were sooo fast, then it came into DF and seems impossible to get one game.

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Thanks for the update on fixing PvP ratings and the discussions about MMR. It’s a good beginning, but I hope you can also create a space, like a special chat or communication thread, where we can have deeper discussions about these topics. So far, we’ve only received three updates during the entire expansion. More frequent and meaningful conversations would be beneficial, especially if they lead to quick decisions and actions based on our discussions.

I appreciate that you’re considering player feedback for future seasons, but what about the current season? Could you share specific examples of player ideas that you’re planning to implement in the next updates? Having this information would really help us understand what changes to expect.

Regarding MMR changes, I’d like more details. For instance, when you mention “significant adjustments to inflation,” what exactly does that mean? Also, how do you plan to address the issues related to the MMR of healers? Understanding the specifics of these adjustments is crucial for us to know how our gameplay and progression will be impacted.

Looking forward to more detailed updates on these matters!

Blizzard still cares!!! Because they did this before Holiday Vacations. If they did not care they would be doing this well into january.


Kennie, a lot of the players on this forums don’t understand how to play the game. They have no idea how much impact healers can have because they don’t understand the game. Now they are demanding to have the game changed, as if the people who are farming them right now won’t farm them after the changes.

I see healers 6 - 0 lobbies all the time.

An insane rsham, disc priest, or rdruid can totally carry lobby’s and get a 6 - 0.

The reason blizzard caters to top players is because low rated players don’t even understand how the game works, they are still learning and are not qualified to make suggestions. In many cases there are already ways to counter or outplay something but the noobs don’t know about it.

I hardly disagree

erm, this only happens if one healer is a smurf or not playing his real MMR

So I work from home as a developer and sit in queue and play like 4 or 5 lobbies while I’m at work so I have a ton of games played and I do see it quite often. Likely because it’s early season and at 2200 there are alot of rank 1s and sometimes they get matched with like a 2k player.

I saw a healer go 1 - 5 the other day starting at 1900 and actually gain rating

You know dps only climb when there is a significant skill gap too?

yeah the reason you see it its because MMR for healers is so F up that the situation you are describing happens a lot for the 0-2100 bracket quite often. you are correct about that, however not correct (imo) about the reasons why it happens. as soon as you reach lets say top 50 healers on ladder you suddenly will realize that healers impact is actually close to nothing as everyone plays close to a similar level.

Sure but the same could be said about dps no?

yes it can, but in that case you need to understand that a DPS going 6-0 or 0-6 is above double(due to the game 4 dps 2 healers) the possibility of a healer going 6-0 right? thus putting healers in general in a more awkward spot, do you agree?

I can see that being true at a lower mmr, yeah.

Basically at a lower mmr like < 2k rn, a dps who’s playing beneath their mmr can easily win a 6 - 0 because they can punish people for making mistakes and the mistakes are EVERYWHERE ALL GAME.

In a higher mmr, healers have a better opportunity to 6 - 0 because they’re not dealing with moron dps that just go die behind the pillar in a stun and because they’re dealing with competent dps that can play in sync with the healer and actually cc chain together or work together, or they’ll like actually stand in earthen and stuff allowing the healers good play to actually impact the game

bump because no response

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i personally love paying 15 bucks a month to be ignored by blizz. and i’ll keep doing it, damnit!

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