Urgent Call to Action for World of Warcraft Players: Addressing Dragon Flight PvP Challenges

Fellow Azerothians,

I’m rallying all World of Warcraft players for a united stand against the growing issues in the Dragon Flight expansion, specifically in the PvP aspect. Our collective effort is crucial to bring about the changes we desperately need. So I need all of you to help on keeping this post in the top 10 posts on the forums.

In-depth Analysis of Core Issues:

  1. Exorbitant Solo Shuffle Queue Times: The distressing shortage of healers has led to DPS queue times exceeding an hour. This vicious cycle of long waits and diminishing player participation only worsens the situation.
  2. Flawed Healers’ MMR and Limited Agency: The ineffective MMR system for healers in Solo Shuffle, combined with their limited game impact, has significantly reduced the appeal of playing these vital role.
  3. MMR Design Catastrophe: The MMR system in Dragon Flight is, frankly, a comedy of errors. We’ve seen seasons where the MMR peaks at 3,800, and others at a mere 2,500, making any reliable tracking of skill or gameplay laughably impossible. After Blizzard bungled the MMR in the first season, leading average players to hit between 1,800 and 2,400, it’s nonsensical and frankly unentertaining (remember your name, Blizzard Entertainment?) to force players back down to 1400 - 1,600 in subsequent seasons. It’s disheartening to play early in the season, battling a low MMR, only to find it more rewarding to play in the final month for higher ratings and rewards.

Proposed Solutions:

  1. Revise Healers’ MMR and Incentivize Their Role: Blizzard needs to completely revamp the MMR system for healers in Solo Shuffle. We propose:
  • A flat + 500 MMR for all healers(it needs to be easier to achieve targets as a healer)
  • An exclusive recolored Gladiator mount for healers exceeding 1,000 rounds played above 2,400 MMR in Solo Shuffle.
  • A unique, ambulance-inspired vendor-like ground mount for those completing 2,000 rounds at any rating within a season.
  • Reward boxes with ‘tendies’ for the trading post, based on the number of rounds played weekly.
  • Significant rewards like free game time for healers who play a certain number of rounds weekly or monthly.
  1. Rebalance MMR Settings: We urge Blizzard to revert to the Season 1 MMR system for a more consistent, enjoyable progression. The introduction of percentage-based rewards on top of existing ratings will better cater to players’ desires for recognition.

A Unified Stand:

This is our call to arms. I need your support to elevate this post and demand Blizzard’s attention. Let’s show them the power of our united front.

An Ultimatum to Blizzard:

Blizzard has one month to respond constructively to our concerns. Failure to engage means a blatant disregard for their player base.

Let’s make our voices heard for the love of World of Warcraft. Together, we can bring about the changes we so desperately need.


I agree nerf rogues.


On this, we agree. Based.


I will gladly sign your petition. Please forward it to Phil as soon as possible.


Sub rogue is pretty disgusting atm. Even bad ones seem to kill in duel.


Throw in DR issues for healers that are not priests so they can compete. DR destroys solo shuffle for many classes.


Give me gold, not ugly cosmetics.


Literally watching rogues blow everything on streams even using cloak and getting a kill in mere seconds alone. Their damage is insane.


1000 rounds is a lot. Regardless, blizz seriously need to facilitate more communication around the issue of DF pvp.


Please for the love of god let them listen.

If I am blizzard I am just bringing all of the healers in line w/ Disc and preservation to avoid nerfs which could further hurt queues by having people quit either of the existing OP specs.

I firmly believe Blizzard won’t fix MMR but at least fixing queue times by fixing healing / damage output by lacking healers will get people queing again.

It’s VERy bad when you can be top 100 Preservation rn and be 1600 lol


I really like these suggestions tbh. RSS has extreme queue times, and requires extreme solutions to incentivize healers. Let’s go.

Ball’s in your court, Blizzard.


I’ll sign. I love actually playing the game, but unfortunately these issues have made the game practically impossible for me to actually play.


It’s not just the MMR issues causing us healers to stop, it’s the toxic player base and the unteachable players who make it not worth it. The MMR is just the straw that broke the camels back.


YO, they (blizz) just seems to NOT CARE AT ALL.


I give an A for effort but I disagree, because Blizzard a HUGE company does not care what us ants, or cattle think lol. pay piggies lol.

Its a BIG company, all they see is $$$… If there are problems players start to unsub and quit, money flow slows down. That is when they react and do something to help the problems.


That’s why some people talk badly about devs, it’s not taking away the reason of these people for nothing…

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I believe the Devs are on the forums on normal accounts, not blue ones. Because if a Blue post happens its swarmed like accidentally stepping on a fire ant mound.

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Blizzard’s communication with the player base is ridiculous.

They made 2 posts in the entire expansion about the MMR and queues times.


Lets say Hormel canned meat products company had their forums swarmed with angry people about a product, they would address it asap lol.

They do not care, they laid off tons of Devs after record profits, standard evil Corporation, humans are just cattle to be milked.


Herr we go again with asking exclusive mounts gold removed sets for a role.


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