Urgent Call to Action for World of Warcraft Players: Addressing Dragon Flight PvP Challenges

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As much as I’m sympathetic to healers having mmr problems, they really shouldn’t give healers rating for a 3-3.

That would mean a healer could get 3k while never actually winning a lobby, always breaking even. That’s a problem.

Also if you give too many treats to healers, it will invalidate achievements cause you’ll never know if they got it healing and getting free rating.

At the end of the day the core problem is the sheer amount that dps out numbers healers. I can’t think of a single way to make healers more popular, other than making healers have a greater impact on the game, but even then, that throws everything out of order and it will have to be completely unbalanced.

Tough situation blizzard is in. My recommendation would just be to increase sustained damage a tiny bit and nerf burst damage significantly for most classes. Some classes like rogue will need to keep their burst.

Also, adjust dampening

  • Under 1600: No dampening
  • Above 1600 and below 1800: Dampening starts 4 minutes into the round
  • Above 1800 and below 2k: Dampening starts
    3 minutes into the round.
  • Above 2k and below 2200: Dampening starts 2 minutes into the round
  • Above 2200 and below 2400: Dampening starts one minute into the round
  • Above 2400: Dampening when gets open.

Healing is already hard enough and having healers joining a bracket as a noob where they are put into the hardest type of healing (dampening) is not a good idea, especially since solo shuffle should be used as an avenue to help new players learn the basics


Yeah but healers probably shouldn’t lose mmr for 3-3s either

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I think that the Dev’s don’t care about Rated PvP in Retail, in the way that we want them to.

At least that their level of attention and the specific areas they focus on do not fully align with the PvP community’s expectations and desires. There’s a gap between what the developers are doing and what the PvP community feels is needed for a more balanced and engaging PvP experience.

That is really frustrating.

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Then your average healers will never climb. They will be stuck at whatever rank they get placed at once their MMR settles to their CR. Healers have very little impact on shuffle games unless they MASSIVELY outclass the other healer. And in those cases, as we have seen throughout this season, they gain next to no rating.

As someone who has played multiple DPS and healers this season, the difference between MMR gains is hysterically different. Healers are getting severally shafted by the current system.

Your average healer will get hardstuck at some random rating and never move unless they get put into games where they SEVERALLY outclass the other healer.

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An example of the MMR issue is represented by the title cut-offs as of yesterday, December 14, 2023:

Rank 1 Verdant Gladiator (top 0.1%) - 2258 rating
Gladiator - 2400 rating


Healers definitely climb I play against healers of a similar rating to me all the time.

Honestly it seems like as it always is, people identified an issue and people are now blaming everything on that issue, but some healers don’t climb because they are where they should be.

I also see healers going 3-3 as often as I go 3-3.

While I’m sympathetic to healers, I don’t think it’s worth destroying the ladder so that healers can get rating for games they didn’t win

Again, since you didn’t read what I posted, healers only climb when there is a massive skill gap between them in the game. Explain how that is healthy for the game.

Great post. While I think +MMR +Rewards could help, gameplay and limited agency is the root of the issue.

If healing was more enjoyable and fun to play than DPS, that might be the long term solution to improving queue times.

A few examples of limited agency:

  1. Few opportunities to “make the plays” that win the game. Often, the most effective way to heal in the solo shuffle environment is to “spam heal” with every global. It feels great to be recognized as making the play to secure the win.

Solution: Provide healers with more potential to make the play to win the game. An example might be a DPS ability on a long cooldown, but can do game ending damage if the enemy is out of position or unable to stop it. An example is ultimate pen (disc priest).

  1. Few opportunities to “best” your opponent. Let’s be real, there’s some toxicity in SS, and nothing feels better than outplaying the person that just called you trash. However, current healer play style in SS requires healers to use very few globals outside of healing globals. The most effective play style becomes “playing not to lose” by spam healing. “I showed that trash talker by spam healing my teammates and dodging CC all game” doesn’t really provide much satisfaction.

Solution: Provide PvP talents that shift more damage and CC abilities to the healer roles. From a meta perspective, this may require reducing some CC from DPS classes in PvP.


Yeah but the same thing happens in dps lobbies. I probably go 3-3 half my lobbies

From my experience healers have this but are unable to recognize it

Bring dem mounts

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Wow is a weird game where everyone thinks they’re the best and that there is some reason outside of themselves that is holding them back.

Only on wow do players expect to climb the ladder without winning, I.e going 3-3

Every healer I know queues up and tears their way through shuffle so I’m not sure how true this is.

Let me provide a better explanation from having reached legend and gladiator on both Disc Priest and Warlock.

On warlock, you have many opportunities to make a great play that results in a kill to win the game.

As a healer, many of the great plays you make extends the game to go longer. I’m not saying there are no opportunities to make a play that ends the game, but if we want more DPS to decide to play healer instead increasing this agency will increase healer participation.

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do you guys think this will fix PvP ?

  • Hunter
    • Marksmanship
      • Aimed Shot now deals 40% additional damage in PvP (was 25%).
      • Rapid Fire now deals 30% additional damage in PvP (was 20%).

it’s from the new changes

would love to know what suggestions will be implemented

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Yes! exactly, ill start healing again.


Bro what? I completely disagree. They had insane burst and insane cc. Lots of kill potential out of any cc chain.

How can you think that less than a year ago you could have a long cc chain and then have somebody not die? Damage has been insane like all of dragonflight. Like I’m confused.

The first thing is to check the queues, the waiting time is too long for a game with so many players.

Thanks for listing some pvp problems, it is very entertaining for many players, but it is left aside.