[UPDATED NOV 17] Things to Do in the Shadowlands When You're (Mostly) Dead

[UPDATED NOV 17] Things to Do in the Shadowlands When You're (Mostly) Dead

Before you journey back to Azeroth, you may want to spend your remaining moments in the afterlife seeking out a few rewards that will no longer be obtainable (or more difficult to acquire) in the upcoming expansion—Dragonflight.

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This is awesome! Thank you and we look forward to 10.0!!!

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Pay top guild to get Sylvanas and the Jailer’s mount and then get scammed…


Noticed that there was nothing there for solo casuals except the one that needs a raid. Yikes, as per usual!


If the Veilstrider title is being removed there needs to be a guaranteed way to get the abominable lives achievement done, I’m going on 3 weeks now without seeing the last few quests that I need.


You have KSM listed as ending with prepatch but PvP rewards being earnable during prepatch? Is that a mistake or an attempt to extend the season because participation is so bad?


Let us keep Summon Steward as a pet.


get us out of this expansion please


Disappointed that the console at the front of Fated raids won’t also be used for toggling Fated as a whole to allow for folks to continue getting Sylvanas/Jailer mounts at a reasonably level (though to be fair, double Affix serves as a significant nerf to the raid).

Most importantly though, can we get some estimated or projected release dates for 10.0/pre-patch? Always waiting until 2 weeks before these happen to know what the plan is makes it unnecessarily stressful for those that are planning activities for their guilds/teams/friends.

Also going to echo what someone posted above - if Veilstrider is going away, Abominable Lives needs some sort of guaranteed rotation. Would hate to see others miss out because they just didn’t get lucky enough as some of the quests have only shown up once every few months.


Catch a Fallen Star

Get the We Are All Made of Stars Heroic and Mythic achievements (available on both non-Fated and Fated raids) while you still can. To attain this achievement, gather your allies and defeat Rygelon in Sepulcher of the First Ones while under the effects of Herald of the Cosmos. Everyone must stay alive throughout the encounter, or else the raid fails. But don’t worry! Unlike past Immortal achievements, you can reset the encounter and try again.

Are there rewards for getting this done that will be inaccessible, save for the Feat itself? I haven’t tried for any raid achievements this expansion.

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Can we have fun storming the castle? :rofl:


So does this mean for Veilstrider, we have all the way up until the release of dragonflight, and not just the prepatch? I was under the assumption we would need to have it done before the prepatch, but if we have until the release (November most likely I assume), we have far more time that I thought.

Anyone able to verify or reassure me :sweat_smile:. Been really worried I can’t get it. Still need 6 more abominations created, like 20 of the quests, 3 ember court guests, and master of torment.


“Will no longer be obtainable”

That’s cool Blizz. Yeah, totally cool.


" Get the We Are All Made of Stars Heroic and Mythic achievements (available on both non-Fated and Fated raids) while you still can."

wasnt this just put into the game like a week ago

what the heck

and it doesnt have any rewards with it right


I am really sorry Forums guy but I really don’t want to spend any more time in the afterlives.


Spend them in wrath then


Giving the community slime cat for doing the fated raids on LFR or higher, as you implied would be available, could have been a win for you . . . but nope. Guess not.


Oh the Veilstrider stuff is a shame. The Necrolord part of Shadowlands Diligante is extremely RNG dependant, I’m not even sure if you can get that done in time if you’d start it today.

Guess I won’t get Veilstrider.


i have veilstrider and necro was worst part by far

i hate how rng is put into fomo achieves

bfa essences same thing, had to get an rng essence from mech rep box but never dropped for me, so mad about it