Please delay Dragonflight

It had very wrong information that took hours to fix

Okay…Like what was so wrong about it? When I read it and I already summarized the things that will most likely happen.

They stated that the pvp season would not be ending with the prepatch

So either they have no one to proof read or the person who writes their articles is missing some core knowledge :joy:

when was the last time they released a game?

Do you have proof of this mistake? Any screenshots? Or highlight?

Multiple posts and threads about it throughout the day

Why the hell would i take a screenshot of blizzard mistakes? Thats cringe

They already labeled the things that said “going away on launch” or “going away on pre patch” or “harder to obtain on launch” how hard is that to understand and yes I have read the thread just now.

We are talking about WoW expansions, what other teams in Blizzard are doing is irrelevant.

I’m fine w/ it being a train wreck and released too soon. I haven’t bought it yet, but I’d love for them to release another buggy expansion so I can read how outraged all the preorder folks are.

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How about we cancel it altogether and try again next year with an expansion with better ideas

By better you mean turning retail back into a hardcore game with load of complex ideas and force people to use their brains. And strategize every single movement and actions and knowing how to properly play their class and spec the right way. And make it inaccessible and make it hard and so that it can weed out the weak and so that the hardcore will remain.

Guess what that mentality will not work in an mmo like World of Warcraft if you want that well play something else because retail isn’t going to become a hardcore and super complex game.

I think the era of good launches is gone. They’re gonno release a buggy mess, a bunch of people are gonno complain but still keep playing, and the expansion only gets fixed one year down the road.

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Historically speaking, they say a lot of things. Afterwards they often repeat the same mistakes, or fail to do what they claimed they learned from what happened.

The guardian talent tree will be a disaster without a major rework.

You left out the part where even more people will not complain but will leave quietly, many of whom will never come back. Like in Shadowlands.

Counting on players being so addicted they will stick around for fixes a year or two later is bad for business.


yepers along with disc priest

Priest already have loads of buttons it’s best for blizzard to drop active abilities and put more passives.

That’s what I used to think but there has to be a reason for it if gaming companies keep pulling the same move.

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Having loads of buttons was their goal? Who knew?

I think they’re so delusional they think the situation will turn itself around if they keep doing what their hearts tell them is right.

Guardian druids since I don’t tank whatever they got I wouldn’t even care. But in my eyes they are not deaf and I bet they are mapping and planning things out and gathering feedback and agree to some and make compromises on some.

Guess what having loads of button wouldn’t benefit anyone.

It certainly won’t help you, seeing as you think “loads of buttons” ought to be the primary design criteria against which success of an expansion is measured.