[UPDATED NOV 17] Things to Do in the Shadowlands When You're (Mostly) Dead

I got it done in four or five weeks. I think it was four? Which was closer to three, as I started at the end of a week. :wink: Pro tip: switching your covenant will reset your mission table selection. Do this to farm up the abom parts for the questgivers with multiple offerings.

It’s still very doable. But you do need to start now. Like, this lockout.


whoa does it reset maw missions too

im missing krala still and it didnt show up for long time

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Probably! I would just run back and forth between Venthyr and Necrolord until I got 2-3 abom missions. Wasn’t looking at the rest.

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The boxes had 4% bad luck protection added when they did this:

The bad luck protection was reduced for every box you opened prior to the change though but had 6ish% starting off.

Also the bad luck protection didn’t reset for each paragon rank 4 you looted, so you could get all for your class if you spammed out boxes. However when blizz dropped 8.3.7 they had the BLP hotfix undone for a time. But it was active even all the way to SL launch. Got 9 paragon essences for my class back then. Only annoyance was pvp, which had rampant boosting then. Plus RBGs were gigadead then too.

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I didn’t even need the table. Got mine done in 5 as I think. Hell I finished unity mog and the 35 abom mogs + all weekly quests and great luckydoo. But still don’t even have the abom weekly quest covenant set yet.

Dumb rng


They need to just take off the weekly lockout from the stitchyard quests and let people do them as much as they want, and have them rotate whenever you turn one in. Remove the materials from the boxes if it’s an issue.

Seriously It’ll be a month of waiting for the last couple of quests I need next week and I’d like to just be done.


Great, now where are the official dates?

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Just assume October 25 is prepatch and November 28/29 as launch.


Oh, I am for the purpose of getting stuff done. However, I’d like to put in PTO since I still have several weeks to burn before the end of the year.

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Glad we got the official list of FOMO, I really hope DF has an even shorter list at the end or possibly none at all.


That Jelly cat mount should be part of LFR. Nothing like discriminating against the playerbase.


Well let’s see…

Raiding stuff. Ranked PVP and arena stuff. Nothing for me. Cool beans…

Oh, what’s this? Veilstrider? Most of the requirements are soloable or queued PVE…no, wait, never mind. Mythic dungeons.

AH WELL. Nothing for me as per usual carry onnnnnnn~


Give it a go. You don’t need to push high level keys or anything.

Veilstrider got me to do some stuff I wouldn’t have bothered with otherwise and I was pleasantly surprised.

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Lots of FOMO in this article. Glad I’m done with the dumpster fire of shadowlands!


Making you feel bad about playing the game is one of their design goals, because obviously the worse you feel about the game, the more addicted it will make you.


Why are you making it harder to get the mythic sylvannas and jailer mounts? What was wrong with letting people do regular mythic and getting them such as the guilds that progressed and got CE towards the end of the tier but didn’t collect all of the mounts yet? Why is there no option to turn off the fated affix and just do regular mythic? I would love to know the thinking of this decision to limit the game more than it already is.


It is the Year of Our Lord 2022 and I’ve been playing the game since the pre-Vanilla launch stress test. I know what I’m about, son. I’m not going to suddenly flip a “Mikey Likes It” and decide that what I really want to do is PUG raids and M+ because somehow I’ve just never realized that it was an option. I recently dipped my pinky toe into queue-able PVP and that’s as fancy as I get.

Non-queued dungeons and raids are not for me. Group finder is a singularly awful experience for DPS and I play on an RP server where most people generally just level to max without pushing higher content and guilds are largely a device for stories, not PVE stuff.

So, no title for me, even though I’ve got most of the achievement done because solo PVE grinds/slogs are my jam. It’s silly that I can’t get it a couple years down the line when Shadowlands M+ is soloable, though, got to max out that FOMO.


I really wish Blizzard would stop with the FOMO garbage.


Honestly, you could probably solo base level Mythics.

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Or you could stop trying to push people to do content they don’t like and don’t want to be forced into, Ion.