Updated List of Outstanding Windwalker Bugs

In light of 9.0.5 attempting to fix some of the bugs that have plagued Windwalker for a while, here is a list of several major to minor bugs still affecting the spec:


  • None!


  • Expel Harm interrupts Spinning Crane Kick’s channel (no other instant cast abilities do this, only casts/channels)
  • Touch of Death has a very significant delay before becoming castable once its conditions are met
  • Bone Marrow Hops (Conduit) doesn’t increase Bonedust Brew damage from pets (including SEF/Xuen)
  • If Expel Harm does even a single point of overhealing, it automatically only does 1 damage. This is because it calculates the damage it should do after it heals, basically based on the amount it would heal if you pressed it again right after


  • Rolling immediately after Flying Serpent Kick causes your roll to end preemptively
  • Casting Roll or Flying Serpent Kick immediately after leaving a root or similar effect sometimes causes you to go nowhere
  • Windwalking Aura doesn’t stack with other movement abilities (potentially intentional)
  • When killing a mob with Fists of Fury, you often get stuck “in combat” for several seconds after

Let me know if I missed any and I can add them to the list, but at least the Major and Medium issues here could really use some addressing


Shame blizzard only cares about the bugs that increase damage rather than the ones that decrease our damage or hamper the class.

Pretty sad that they even thought this nerf was a good choice all things considered


Was the BoK bug fixed?

If you mean BoK not working with serenity, yes that’s fixed.

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Yeah, I removed it after it got hotfixed a few hours ago. Blackout Kick now correctly reduces the cooldown of RSK/FoF during Serenity


Well I can confirm the Fist of the White Tiger not always giving chi properly bug still exists. Doing mythic Huntsman its happened 2 or 3 of the pulls tonight

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Make sure you aren’t being parried


Thanks Mick


Yeah, that sounds like you’ve been parried. Make sure to not attack the front of the boss when possible

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You missed a top tier bug, if we end an arena during storm earth and fire when we leave the arena we are stuck with the storm clones outfit unless we remove our gear and put it back on or cast storm earth and fire and have it end properly.


That’s a very old bug.

Looking forward to these long-standing bugs to be addressed.

Ty Mickey. Hopefully those get fixed.

Also, not a bug i guess, but I do wish they would change ToD to always deal full damage instead of this weird “reduced damage if the target has <15% max health but his current health is bigger than your max health”. Having to snipe ToD so it doesn’t deal like 1/3 of its real damage, especially in raids, sucks.

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You can increase your window by drinking a stam potion and popping fort brew, but that’s more of a tank cheese.

The delay to enable ToD when enemies are at the HP threshold infuriate me more than anything, but I guess that would be a nice change too. Keep it the way it is in PvP, but change it in PvE. A shorter cooldown would be greatly appreciated too, but I’ll take what I can.


Congrats Mickey, you made it into a wowhead article:


Imagine if devs finally take notice now, after years of ignoring their own forums. That would be quite funny.


The ToD bug is easily the most toxic bug for arena players. Kill windows are so incredibly tight at times that 200ms matters, and seeing Health yo yo back up to half, or an immunity eat your kill attempt due to a game bug is insane.

WW is easily my favorite spec in any MMO game, ever, these jarring experiences + the bloodbath that was Tuesday patch notes feels so bad

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Peak of Serenity reporting that the Dance of Chi Ji damage bug and Fists of Fury targets hit has been fixed. It’s true, Blizzard doesn’t read their own forums, only wowhead LOL

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Mickey dum dum
I love you <3

Its kind of weird how hard it can be to test bugs and try to help the COMMUNITY when we are locked behind a singular covenant :slight_smile:

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Yup, seems like FoF target count and DoC damage bonus were both fixed today. And some people are saying ToD delay may have been touched too, though I can’t confirm that one, but keep an eye out