Upcoming Elemental Shaman Tuning – March 29

We’ll be making the following change to increase the performance of Elemental Shaman in next week’s realm maintenance.



  • Elemental
    • All damage increased by 5%.

See the full list of the upcoming class tuning changes here.


Thank you for the buff! Please keep an open channel between Blizzard and the community so we can further discuss where we would like to see the spec taken.

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this is underwhelming

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well, its a step in the right direction I guess… Thanks for this 21 day late reply.


Typical bandaid fix after typical knee jerk reaction.

At least the desired playstyle of the elitists is intact.

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Wow, it’s been almost a month, and everyone has given up on ele shaman and buffs at the end of the world first race. The wise have all quit playing ele, but thank you for the 5% buff to appease the idiots who still play ele. ele players are kicked out of their seats and benched, so they can’t play the game properly, but after a month, they’re finally able to enjoy the game a little bit.

We’re going to go down to the top of the middle and the worst of ranged specs, and we’re going to go down to the bottom of the middle with a 5% buff, but we’re going to have to welcome it anyway, because it’s buff. I think even with this patch, ele is the worst ranked dps class.

Thank you for all these amazing tuning. An amazing game service.

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How about baseline Skyfury Totem for 10.0?

Enhance has WF
Resto has Mana Tide

We want to bring a unique buff and have raid utility.


This seems like a pretty good idea

skyfury in its current state would break the game in pve. You could just stack crit based spell casters and never see melee in raid again. They would have to turn it into an effectively different spell.

Also I don’t feel like a 5% buff really fixes the issues created when they wrecked storm ele. Storm ele was like one of the few ele talents that felt worth using, and despite how harshly it was nerfed its still just the only real aoe option in its tier.


if it only affected the 1 group like windfury…

Even so it would probably be a massive gain for some specific classes, and probably end up as a big nuisance to the ele shaman rotation since its a 45 second cd vs windfury’s 2 minute duration. Not mention things like 2-3 ele shamans+ a big crit class like fire mage or destro lock crit groups being the meta result.

Nah this wasn’t a reply to the last change they made. They never explained their reasoning, they made a change for accessibility but it was also a nerf, in their explanation they never said it was meant to be a nerf. Until they clear that up I won’t be happy. Either they say it was an oversight/mistake and they didn’t intend for it to be a nerf or they just come out and say that it was meant to be a nerf but maybe they just weren’t clear in their comment.

Honestly its just crazy how they could make that change and not realize how its a nerf and not buff us a bit in the same week… whatever… I’m over this.


Because the truth is…

The entire time the PTR existed, they didn’t listen to shaman feedback at all.

They didn’t realize permanent storm ele was going to exist (despite being told about its degenerate nature).

They didn’t test shaman builds themselves.

So they literally had zero idea, and never intended the build to exist whatsoever.

Instead of fixing the 4p, they nerfed our base toolkit instead.

If they, instead, tried to find an actual solution, they’d 100% have to admit that they ignored ele completely during the entirety of the 9.2 PTR, and they don’t want to do that.

And yeah, nerfing a class by 12% ( for accessibility ) at start of RWF, then throwing them a 5% buff near the end of it…all while ignoring the class feedback throughout that entire time…doesn’t do much.


I vote yes with both of my hands.


Oh wow, thanks. A 5% buff on a dead spec that doesn’t address the way you gutted the core class because of borrowed power, thanks.

Good to know that our spec isn’t going to die out in the current patch \m/

need more like 15 % to be on par with other classes. But this is way to late of a response we already benched and all the streamers that played ele for raid left to play something else either enhance or warlock. I am sorry but to little way to late.

Petko your I appreciate that you are a voice in the community but this is way to late, and a little underwhelming we need more targeted buffs not an aura.

Its okay. We’ll all be playing Venthyr SB+Unity in m+ before long any way.

We get a little buff but zero response from Blizzard. :upside_down_face: