Upcoming Elemental Shaman Tuning – March 29

it amuses me that Blizzard believes a 5% dmg buff is going to help ele compete against demo locks, frost mages, or MM Hunters in any way shape or form. This has been a running theme for Elemental since i started playing the class in firelands… why is it even a spec at this point any longer


Yes! This build is really fun. Doesn’t do crazy damage, but its fun as AF!

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thats part of the issue mctinyy any dps class played well with a reasonable synergy in build design should be both fun and effective/ competitive.

Way ahead of you, it’s a lot of fun.

Still not playing elem. Problem is not damage hello. Like compare to enh toolkit elem can’t come even close. The dude just faster

5% buff = we fail at class design, so here you go…

Speaking of failed design, can we do something about this talent?? Been there for over a year now…
It’s bad for company image.


So buff hunters?? Hunters already to Overpowered…. MM BM easily owns any class besides paladin… This Ele buff is nothing

seriously, why is our raid damage so bad compared to other specs/classes? its suchhhhhh a bummer, omgggg – i do WAY more damage as enhance just random button mashing a spec i dont know than doing ele correctly, its grossssssss so grosssss whyyyy is it like this?

and enhance feels waaaaaaay faster/less accessible trying to mash procs that fast n not screw them over with the internal spell Q stuff

No eles for the last 4 bosses

this is fine

Revert the lava burst nerfs from back in 9.1 or whenever.

Revert the stupid storm ele change.

They need to give ele some party utility like enhance has. Enhance has windfury, give ele a very toned down version of skyfury totem (the pvp talent) baseline. Make the pvp talent increase its effect or something? :man_shrugging:

Well that was unexpected, Thank you our elemental overlords for giving us elementals who can dish out more damage that was really kind of you.

Maybe we, the shamans of Azeroth please have the following:

A 4th Spec: Earth wardens that will tank and hit things with a massive two handed mace (or axe if you into that type of weapon)
more feral spirit choices: raptors and wolves just not doing it for us anymore
Elemental Boons: To buff our groups or those in the world unexpectedly
the option to have two handed weapons: especially for combat.
and more options for ghost wolf form as well: would really live to run around in other than wolf form especially as a Dark Iron Dwarf.

Pretty please our wonder elemental overlords. The Shaman community would greatly appreciate it.

Can you give elemental shamans another defensive. Our discussion is good but our survivability lacks due to our defensives are talent based…

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