Upcoming Content Unlocks for WoW Classic

A filthy casual in fact. But yet so am I. Play at your own pace bro :slight_smile:

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When I login to ptr I cant see any servers on my main account. On my alt account I can login to the ptr and see servers/copy characters. Is there a selection to get access to the ptr??

I think this is one of the first games I’ve ever played where people complain when new content is announced.

Yous guys are a funny lot…


How about fixing AV to prevent rushing? Are we going to ignore the elephant any more?

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This is great. Like other sensible people have noted, ZG provides largely sidegrades/small balance improvements to itemization.

Looking forward to ZG and AB

Recommendation: For the AQ event, with massively increased server sizes the contributions phase might be over within a week on the larger servers. I’d strongly recommend that you increase the required materials to open the gates on these servers. This would allow for as close to an authentic gate opening experience as feasible.

Looking forward to TBC launching June 2021 :wink:

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It would appear this lines up AQ release at or around the 4th of July time frame and Naxx and the rest of Classic wrapped up before the end of the year.

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ZG originally released 2 months after BWL release; it was literally the very next patch

This isn’t being rushed. Calm down.


I hope they can beat it faster than BWL, I wanna really see the speedrun community step up.

I think he’s right in calling it rushed. What you and seemingly everyone isn’t understanding is this isn’t “the ZG patch”. It’s Nightmare Dragon’s as well, which is Patch 1.8. Which is a 3 month gap from BWL if we go by Vanilla’s timeline, not 2 months.

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ZG isn’t a main raid really. On pserver it could be cleared in ~15min or so. I mean. You can go directly to Hakkar itself and kill it without killing any of the priests. Hakkar is kind of like the first true “heroic” version of any boss in WoW history.

When do we get the fishing tourney?


I am only playing classic for naxx so this is not a problem to me.

BWL released 9 months after MC (Launch) in vanilla. We are ~3 months ahead of schedule, that puts ZG ~2 months ahead of schedule. Thanks

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Except guild’s were clearing MC from week 1 here in Classic. It took 154 days from MC release for Rag to die. So even though there may be time difference from MC to BWL…the amount of gear in Classic is also greatly accelerated.


And that has to do with what in regards to timeline?

Lets also add some more: AB 1 month early. Dragons of Nightmare: 3 months early.

It means that there is more loot in circulation now than what the original timeline had

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It means you were wrong. Ill wait for the apology.

You can play the content at any pace you like.

Claims on schedule, proven wrong, changes goal post to something about gear distribution in relation to server pops, refuses to admit wrong, changes goal post again to “its about the journey”.

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ZG came out roughly 2 months after BWL in vanilla too. So idk what you mean by rushing content.