Unstuck services not working

I have a character on my account that is stuck falling through the world and gets disconnected the second he logs in. I can not use the unstuck features on the website as they just infinitely load and lead to nowhere or loop back to the beginning of the support screen. Please help me out.


Same here. My character is free falling in Draenor and when I try to log into him, I instantly get disconnected with error code: WOW51900319.

Same problem here. :frowning:

Same thing. Can’t even open a ticket that is erroring out as well

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I imagine the unstuck service is pretty backed up tonight.

Site is working now, did an unstuck but it is still insta d/c me when I log in rogue.
I did the other steps you asked on website like disabling addons and resetting UI.
Now I get to wait 8 hours to see if it will work that time

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Samethign happening to me, cant even log in, as it crashes me instantly

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I the character stuck move service isn’t working for you - you’ll want to submit a proper ticket so a GM can move your character.

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And just how exactly is someone supposed to do that? The only options on the Battle.Net Support page are the AUTOMATED services, with no option for “submit a ticket to a GM”. I’ve tried that on both the Support Page and the in-game Support mechanic for the game. It’s rather disheartening to see “Submit a ticket” without a proper support ticket system in existence.

See if this works for you.


Nope. Loads a blank support screen and no viable entry forms.

I am rapidly debating if I made a mistake purchasing the year subscription at this rate…

If it is loading a blank support screen than that would be something with your browser, you would want to delete your browser cache and all that, and/or try a different browser. The support link works for me, so it isn’t down.

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I am having this issue as well, I was pulling a mob, got DC’d Died, and then boom login dead, and falling though the map instant dc

Ty issue resolved quickly