Unnerf Soar Reminder

Morning everyone!

This is to remind the developers that we would like them to address the latest nerf to Soar, reducing its speed by 30% without touching its cooldown.

We simply want to freely fly with our dragons, that’s it. You’ve developed a very fun racial that let us do that precisely, and until the speed nerf the only problem was the very long cooldown. The speed reduction, despite your arguments, does not make sense. Dracthyr cannot fly across continents much faster than other races - the confusion stems from two streamers who used Soar from Mount Hyjal and Blackrock Mountain, which allowed them to gain enough momentum and height so as to, indeed, fly across 3-4 zones by only 1-2 minutes faster than other races. If you use it anywhere else, you have a hard time leaving your current zone, simply because there aren’t that many elevated terrains in game that would benefit us the same way Mount Hyjal or Blackrock Mountain do.

And even if it were the case - so what? Druids can instantly fly away and collect herbs without dismounting. Humans get exalted to all reputations before anyone else, and this actually entails an unbalanced advantage over other players, considering that reputations are usually tied to gear or story progress. How are these considered normal racial advantages, but Dracthyr flying fast in old content is unacceptable?

If you are not going to reconsider the speed nerf, could you please remove the cooldown altogether? How does it make sense for a dragon to wait 5 minutes to use its wings each time? Why can’t we freely fly whenever we want, like Worgen can with Running Wild (ground mount)? Maybe we could have a flying Running Wild equivalent for Dracthyr, please?

I’m also taking this opportunity to ask for a toggle that allows Worgen players to turn back into their Human form after combat (and tails).

Thank you!

With love,


If you’re interested in joining the Dracthyr server, you will be welcome!


Guys please try to maintain the conversation in the megathread so as not to spam too much the forums, thanks:


Get in line behind the jelly cat mount betrayal.


Sir, there are no lines on the forums. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It’s in development and was OP, so they nerfed it. And since it’s still in development, it may get nerfed even more.


Absolutely 0 incentive to use this ability in the only place that actually matters for a Dracthyr, when everyone else is going 30% faster than you. You are literally a snail with wings on a mini continent of living jet planes. It’s not like there’s even any point to use it in older content because you literally start at a level at which chromie time is disabled. Literally any class at Dracthyr starting level can absolutely smoke anything other than shadowlands content, which you’d actually have to finish first to even be able to fly. So, not sure if Blizzard thinks we’re really stupid when they decided to share their “reasoning” for the nerf with us but damn, it is quite insulting nonetheless.

At this point it’s pure fluff. It’s actually spellbloat. Literally 0 incentive to even keep Soar on our action bars. Might as well keep the space free for some toys or abilities that actually matter, or swap it out with your dragon mount. Would literally just be clogging your space otherwise. May as well remove it altogether imo.

In order for people to quit complaining about this, they need to offset the speed nerf with some kind of incentive. ANY lol. Because currently there is none.

They could… remove or drastically reduce the CD? They coooould. Even keep it the way it is, or make it slower even, if it’s able to be used in combat. But doing nothing essentially gives us no incentive to even use it in the Dragon Isles.



Yup and thanks for keeping this going!


There was a tuning pass on the alpha. This is expected.

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This and the mount everyone is fighting for, hold Blizzard accountable for these blatantly anti-fun, anti-player swerves. This is exactly the behavior they pretend to have put past themselves, they must be made responsible to address it and demonstrate positive change or more of this will come.

There was NOTHING wrong with Soar, stop making up problems that don’t need a fix just to patch out fun from your game Blizzard.



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Dont let it die or Blizz will just use it as an excuse to ignore feedback and release a half finished product like last time.

An overwhelming majority of players hate the change, especially your testers. You know what the right thing to do is Blizz, prove you actually learned a lesson from Shadowlands instead of just milking our subscription time again.


plz put it back to max speed I DON’T want to be forced to use the dragon mount when I’m playing my dragon character just because it’s 300% faster, PLEASE let us fly the same speed as the new race ty.


Get it together devs. You can either fix it or eventually youll have no players left to spit on.


It’s a racial in Alpha development, not a regular ability on live. Expect changes and adjustments. That’s Alpha.

Now THAT is how you give your opinion without being a jerkface.


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Uhhh … thanks, I guess ? :sweat_smile:


Right so just adjust it back, thank you for agreeing with us.


#blizzfail is the most accurate thing ive seen lately


That’s not what I said and you know it. Don’t be weak.

Nothings as weak as your argument. If it was tuned it can be reverted, and since an overwhelming majority of players and testers want it to be reverted its stupid on Blizzards end not to do so.


An overwhelming majority of players probably don’t even know about this.