Unmerge Oceanic with US Servers for PvP - IMMEDIATELY

Oceanic servers need to be un-merged with US servers for PvP immediately, the oceanic community was not consulted on this decision, I guarantee the vast majority of Oceanic players do not want this, and it was absolutely not necessary given the healthy state of the Oceanic PvP community.

To preface this; consider that not one trending post was made throughout the entire duration of classic asking for Oceanic to be merged with the US… that clearly indicates this change wasnt being requested or even desired by the playerbase.

In spite of this; by implementing this change, what you have literally forced on the Oceanic community is a situation of unplayable lag, making both melee and spell leeway not only helpful but a mandatory necessity just to even hit or reach targets.

This is not only detrimental to competitive but also casual gameplay; players immediately notice a massive drop in the quality of gameplay and latency on oceanic servers the second they join any form of instanced pvp, in stark comparison to gameplay on their respective server, an effect which will reduce the overall engagement of oceanic pvp because logically who would want to play an inferior version of the game, while everyone you are fighting against is playing seamlessly with no lag.

This change absolutely destroys any semblance of competitive gameplay within the oceanic community, anyone hoping to pvp competitively will without choice be forced to play with a 200-300 MS lag handicap, a reality which depreciates the overall skill and what is achievable by the entire region; this change does not promote competition or the health of the game, it is irrefutably terrible in every aspect.

Dissecting this change it fairly blatantly was taken as a means to reduce server costs rather than to actually improve gameplay. Oceanic had fine and sustainable PvP queues with multiple instances of all Battlegrounds running daily especially throughout the pre-patch. Furthermore Oceanics for the most part want to play against… well other oceanic’s, not only due to the established sense of community already present among oceanic servers; but because the only way to actually achieve relevant and “better arena match making for oceanic players” is to allow them to fight against players on the same latency, not force all oceanic players onto US servers where they have 200-300 ms lag fighting against US players with no lag.

This is quite literally the most damaging and game breaking change which I have seen introduced to classic since its launch, and this change needs to be reverted immediately, I mean hell; they literally performed it during the middle of the night while the Oceanic Region was asleep during US times with no prior warning or discussion, that shows how little consideration or regard was given to the Oceanic Community; which they assert this was intended to benefit.

This change needs to be reverted in full, and in reality the member of the blizzard team who suggested it should be removed from any decision making role, as they quite clearly have no understanding on how to better the experience or health of the game.


Grand Marshal Archeon.


This change was not thought out properly surely.
Yes there are more games running but horde queues are still bad on OCE so what exactly did this change do or fix?

If they intend to keep it, I think alot of people will be ok with us being merged for battlegrounds ONLY as they are not competitive anyway (rated) and keep arena OCE only.

You just can’t have NA/OCE in the same arena (hosted in NA) and think that this is competitive, it makes no sense.


This decision was not thought out discussed or even considered, or the first discussion point would have immediately been the impact on gameplay resulting from forcing another region on the other side of the world into the US servers where there will be obvious issues in regards to connection speeds.

We in no way needed more games running, we had multiple instances of all battlegrounds running consistently during peak times and at no point was there outcry among the community since classics launch asking for the region to be merged with the US.

The impacts of this change have been immediate far reaching, and unilatterally detrimental to all players on oceanic servers, there arent any posts on the forums being made celebrating this change, this terrible decision has forced all oceanic players who want to engage in pvp to instantly see a 200-300 MS drop in latency performance across the board.

This change needs to be reverted in its entirety and immediately, noone wants it nooone asked for it and in all honesty whoever suggested it at blizzard should be reprimanded or removed from a decision making position.


I hate this change with every fiber of my being I want oceanic to fight oceanic only not 300 ping americans who play on 20ms


Enjoy your 400 ms getting stomp fest guys


The reality is this will actively reduce the overall engagement in PvP on every single server across the oceanic region, when you play on Arugal for example there is no lag, the second you enter a battleground you instantly feel a drastic reduction of performance in the game, and it is abundantly clear that you are playing at a disadvantage to other players. Why would anyone opt into playing a tangibly worse version of the game. This change which they are arguing was made to improve oceanic PvP will resoundingly damage it from casual through to competitive.



I have unsubscribed on my two accounts due to this update using the following reason:

"Due to your latest release ‘Ocean and American servers are intended to share a Battle Group in Burning Crusade Classic’. I do not wish to compete in Arena with 300ms. We have Oceanic servers for a reason. Arena is the only reason I was playing TBC . The game no longer interests me due to this change. I will resubscribe if it gets reverted. "

I suggest you all follow to send a clear message this is not what Oceanic players want. It would have been nice if they did a vote. No one in their right mind would want this change. Why would you want to compete on a 300ms in Arena.


Not sure why OP assumed that this change required any type of discussion with Oceanic players, because it doens’t. However, I’m on the east coast and have had terrible lag spikes since the update today, which I’m assuming is related to the Oceanic merge. I’m also sure its not permanent, but needs to be fixed ASAP.

What’s the issue? This fix helps all involved. It reduces queue times across the board for all content.

Is there somewhere we can sign a petition for this dumb change?

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stop your nonsense

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Blizz show time and time again, from the very launch of classic with not enough realms to now that they do not care about Oceanicrealms #Blizzdontcareaboutoce.

Thank you.


Best change of all classic.

Would literally prefer an hour long queue over vanilla ping.


This change will not effect your ping.

We really need some sort of OCE representation in Blizz/activision. US servers have streamers and personalities etc and therefore have more recourse to push back against things like this. #blizzdontcareaboutoce.

Well that’s not even remotely true.


How stupid is this response?
Do you know how ping works because this post says otherwise.



Currently in AV on 200ms


Oceanic players are now forced to play on US servers for battlegrounds and arenas so yes it will… Rather than playing with 30ms ping we’re stuck with over 200, dont see how anyone can find that fair going into the arena season.