Under Development: WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria

are we able to get challenge mode sets from this?

Definitely not the original but we were hoping for CM set recolors, the outcome is looking bleak on that as well. Which kills almost all my hype for this event.


Think Chromie Time on steroids with uber-insane Torghast type powers. Your character levels from 10-70 in what’s essentially Chromie Time Pandaria, but it includes scenarios and raids, too, using gear and gems that will make you an outrageously OP character running around wasting everything in sight.


its not clear, is this a Solo thing or Group thing?

There will be some raiding involved, so…I would expect some group content requirements for some things. That said, LFR appears to be an option.

Not a fan of this battlepass-esque approach to content. I’d rather have content that sticks around that I can get around to when I have the time and energy for it. I work weird shifts and I’m pretty tired most of the time. I don’t like feeling like I have to rush to do things.

Just put things in the main game, please.


I hated plunderstorm, but I’m really excited about this event especially because I like casually leveling alts.

Week 5 of pointing out 0 no arena content communication at all.

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Reins of the Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent?

That is supposedly on one of the event vendors from what I’ve heard along with the other world boss mounts.

Yes. If you do it, it will be account-wide. You can read about this on wowhead.

Don’t listen to the goblin. They’re notorious for making crap up.

The appearance and access to Ordos will be available in Pandamonium but not the cloak itself.

Continuing the discussion from Pandamonium clarification:


And there’s 4 toys to earn that will give you an 8 hour buff that mimics the ‘wing’ effects of the original cloaks.

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Maybe Blizzard should add the Legendary questline back (in Remix and Retail) and reward each one of the 4 toys for completing it.

E.g. I got the tiger cloak back in MoP in 2013, I would get the tiger cloak toy for free. The other 3 toys, I would be able to earn by completing the re-addded Legendary questline with other roles.

I mean, I don’t necessarily need a reward.
What I want is to re-experience the Wrathion MoP Legendary story as often as I like, on my terms.

Blizzard always needs to come up with a reward as a reason to let us play content, now they have the toys and still it is a wasted missed opportunity, because the Remix only offers content already available in Retail.
Blizzard is so fixated on their campus statue rules, like “Gameplay First”, that they may not realize, there are players who enjoy Chris Metzen’s work (and stories by all creatives who build upon it) and want to play the “Story First”!

Also, we shouldn’t forget about the Golden Vale’s epic Golden Lotus rep story and the Battlefield Barrens stories for Alliance and Horde, alongside it’s event!

Imagine someone gifting you a 20 chapter MoP novel, which becomes your favorite, only for the gifter to come back after one year and tearing out chapter 11 and 15 and after another year tearing out all intermission chapters with Wrathion. You may have read it in the first year completely, but whenever you want to read the novel again after these two years, you don’t get to read the whole story ever again.
Classic is like doing the same thing all-over again.

MoP Remix has a potential for making old Expansions relevant again (more so than Classic), but needs to offer these:

  • Restore all content and story of every expansion (e.g.: WoD Legendary, SL Torghast Jaina+Thrall, Wrath Battle for Undercity, Pre-Patch/Expansion stories + RP-Moments, …), as well as the original order of release as a Campaign. Both in Remix as MMO-relevant content and in Retail as solo/leveling content.
  • Offer one Remix expansion alongside each WoW Retail season. E.g. TWW would offer WoD in S1, Legion in S2 and BfA in S3, Midnight then SL in S1, … (I guess no S4, due to shortended release cadence)
  • Maybe Skip Timewalking Week event in Retail for the current Remix expansion and add the TW Rewards there.

Gonna be honest… this sounds like it might be neat (but I’m waiting for the Blizzard Monkey Paw)… and it definitely sounds like a break-glass get players engaged moment too.

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If they can find a way to bring back the Challenge mode sets as recolors, meaning shoulders and all Id be all in on this.

If not then meh, wait till War Within then.

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There are multiple recolors in the game’s files. It would be asinine if they choose not to release them now.

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agreed, event itself would seem like a major waste without a recolor release. I know there are ppl hard on either side of the fence for the original versions of the CM sets, but seems like there is alot of common ground for recolors so I see no reason to not release recolors at the very least.

Heres to crossing fingers and hoping!


Only the trolls are against the recolors. The logical people see no problem with it.


MoP was my favorite. I’ve been a bit burned out lately and this definitely sounds fun.

Now just to figure out what to level first. :dracthyr_uwu: