Under Development: WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria

Now I see that instead of attempting to understand what I’m saying, you’re throwing an excess of words at me in an attempt to brute force the argument. Bye Felicia.

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i saw a blue post mentioning we could buy rare drop mounts with currency

does that include HOCS? its similar to son of galleon and that was specifically mentioned

I just explained to you the differences between how people play and asked where you came up with these ideas that someone has to go out of their way or that there are requirements. None of that is in any way, shape or form “brute forcing” anything.

You’re claiming that guilds can’t do anything are basically useless unless they’re Mythic guilds. I’m telling you that’s not how things work for other people. You then flipped out.


I am so glad that I’ve cancelled my subscription as this is another example of Blizzard’s direction for me to just not pay.

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I just don’t like that they are making it a limited time event which is stupid.
I do wish they would do an idea similar to this with wrath classic though.

Like you would sign on to permanent wrath era servers, and you could keep your existing toons. But if you created new ones and leveled up. You would get loot that you could use towards rewards like mounts and stuff like that in both retail and classic games. That would be cool.

I mean, I like the pandaria thing to. Just hate the fact that it is time limited.


This is really disappointing.

I was hoping for the phases, seeing the Vale all back together with Sha/Old God corruption (and the old Golden Lotus faction again), go through the old cloak questline, and have another shot at the Challenge Mode and Kor’Kron Warwolf. Maybe work extra hard and get the other heirlooms I’m missing.

Horde vastly outnumbered Alliance on my server, the only Alliance guilds running Heroic Garrosh at the time were charging through the nose for the run. By the time I managed to find a pug we were fighting Garrosh over and over again until the servers went down for the Warlords prepatch.

This killed a lot of the hype I had for this event. Like if you’re not going to let people do the content again, what’s even the point?

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They really want to kill off classic at this point, lol. Server closures, accelerated Cata classic content, and MoP remix at the same time.

I love this.

Players won’t be able to use the Auction House in World of Warcraft Remix: Mists of Pandaria.

Recolors of the challenge mode gear please, and youll see me for season 4


Do we know if the legendary cloak is coming back? I lost all motivation in my grinding because i couldnt obtain it to gain access to an area i needed, but if its obtainable, im definitely going to keep playing.

They have confirmed that the legendary cloak and the quests to complete it are not coming back.

Looks like no challenge mode sets either, even if recolor it seems.

I have the shaman OG set, but was really hoping for recolors that I could grab up for other classes. Shame, guess Ill just see you all when war within launches.

I think a lot of people were hoping for recolors. It’s still possible if they choose to change their minds, but I highly doubt they will. I wasn’t expecting it to happen at all, though I, too, was hoping it would.

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Any word of the Hellscream weapons will be dropping from SOO?

That was 95% my motivation. I may see what the minimum requirement is for the phoenix and maybe gold elegon and call it.

I was FULLY prepared to level EVERY SINGLE CLASS in this and get each CM recolor but Blizzard is being a total pill about it.


Really, another event that takes players out of WoW instead of retaining / bringing them back into the actual game? I don’t understand the logic at all.
Also, as a long-time subbed player, I completed the entire Pandaria questline on my main and at least 11 alts, played end game, did endless runs of the raid to get my legendary cloak. It was one of my favourite expansions but it’s history now. Coaxing players back just for cosmetics; relying, once again, on the FoMO attached to a limited time event instead of offering something to coax my bored guild back to the game … I do not love this idea.


If CM recolors were on the table I would have given in and leveled every single class needed for them.

If not, it’s basically killed most of my interest for this event.


Can someone explain this event to me like I am 5? I read the article and I’m still confused :sob:

It’s a TimeWalk timerunning event made with MoP assets.

This event, unlike single TW dungeons, is going to include the whole MoP zone.

Damage, gear, sockets, abilities, raids, dungeons, and everything else have been given the TW treatment.

It’s a 6 week event so everything will be faster, damage will be bigger, and group content will require less coordination.

No AH, professions, or guilds, they won’t be relevant in a 6 week time frame.


Are there any plans to add more character slots for this event? I want to participate in WoW Remix but I already have 60 characters.

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